Many People Suffer From Muscle Aches During Winters

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 18, 2021

During winters many people suffer from muscle aches as they do not stretch enough. However, if you stretch in the wrong way you could pull a muscle as well. Many people hunch while walking in the cold which could lead to a wrong posture as well. Yoga and some light stretching exercises can help a person overcome this. 

Many People Suffer From Muscle Aches During Winters

Most of the time people feel a stiffness in their shoulders, neck, and back during the winter season. This is due to the fact that people work out less often during winter. Yoga is considered one of the best workout regimes during this time and also helps in maintaining the overall body posture.

Many People Suffer From Muscle Aches During Winters

Many people are advised not to lift weights during winter seasons due to the stiffness of their muscles. If one lifts weight on a stiffed muscle they could lose the grip and the weight could fall on them causing serious harm. 

Some of the stretching exercises which can help your body are: –

  • Reverse Prayer – For doing this, one needs to stand straight and look forward. Then bring both your hands to the back side and put up a praying sign with hands on your back. Both the palms should touch each other like you are praying except those hands are on your back. One should hold this position for at least 30 seconds in 2 rounds.
  • Left and Right Stretch – Stand with your feet apart and now bend your body to the right side with your left hand raised high, do this similarly for left side with your right hand. This helps in stretching of your arms and core body muscles. During initial days one might not be able to stretch much, however as you keep doing this you will find that your body has regained some flexibility.
  • Shoulder Shrugs – This exercise can be done in sitting or standing position. One needs to roll their shoulders in a circular motion either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Keep doing this exercise for 30 seconds and the stiffness of your shoulder would be gone. However, if the person is still feeling the pain after doing the exercise it is best not to overdo this and get yourself checked by a doctor to see if there is any wear and tear of muscles.

Some of the outdoor exercises for loosening your muscles are: –

  • Walking – Everyone like to be inside their home under a blanket during winter season. However, walking has been termed as the best exercise in all seasons. All your muscles move in unison when you walk and has been also found to be very effective in losing your weight. One must make sure when they are going for walking their sweaters allow them to move their hands and legs freely. Also one shouldn’t be underdressed as winters could be rough and you can catch a virus easily.
  • Swimming – This sounds the most terrible idea. However, swimming during winter season would take a lot of effort and people with weak lungs and heart should not do this. Additional oxygen is required in swimming and many a times it has been observed that people get a heart attack as more pressure is added on the heart to pump blood. Similarly, the lungs will have to pump more air during this season for swimming. However, swimming will stretch your whole body and many people states that they feel much fresh after a swim.

By doing some simple upper body stretches one can relax their muscles and regain their flexibility. Follow the instructions which are presented by your trainer and never overdo your exercises.

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