Mapping The Brain Stem’s Control Of Eating – A Way To Treat Obesity

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 29, 2022

This human brain is a very developed organ that can record almost every kind of sensation produced inside the human body. You might have observed that whenever you eat something, your brain records information if this food item has to be consumed again or it has to be avoided in every situation due to the bad taste or bad experience. 

It is important to note that even when you eat so much and then you suddenly stop eating, it is only because of the signal produced by the brain which commands you that you are full and you should not eat more than that. All these signals are produced in one of the essential parts of the brain, which constitute the rudimentary region. It is known as the hindbrain or brain stem. 

Findings Of The Report

According to a recent report published in the journal of nature metabolism, this scientist has worked on establishing The functioning between the neurons and the brain circuits to regulate the feeding mechanism of the body, which has a direct interconnection with weight gain and obesity. According to them, both of them are interrelated functions. The study has focused on the efficiency of the unconscious region of the human mind, that is, the brain stem. 

Mapping The Brain Stem's Control Of Eating

Suppose the brain stem functions correctly after receiving a proper circuit from the brain’s neurons. In that case, accordingly, the body can quickly get a command from the brain that the feeding power of the body is over and a person must not consume more, thereby regulating the problem of weight gain. But on the other hand, if the brain stem does not coordinate well with the other circuits of the brain, then there is a mix of commands due to which a body does not understand when to stop eating. 

Further findings

To evaluate the functioning of the unconscious part of the brain that regulates the feeding capacity, it is important to map the neurons. This mapping is essential for creating a new model of the brain stem network. This model would be helping out to regulate appetite and accordingly notify the human body. This treatment has tremendous efficiency in controlling different types of perspectives associated with the same. 

The mapping will also try to help establish the flow of the commands and the speed at which these commands are disseminated from one part of the body to another. The establishment of a weak connection can also be responsible for overeating. The development of a model will undoubtedly try to note many unnoticed functions of the brain and equally relate them to the broader dissemination of information

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Development of treatment

Once the exact functioning of the unconscious part of the green is understood with the help of the brainstem model, it becomes an effective tool to develop medication and treatment for this problem. This medication would be directly linked to reducing obesity in the human body. It will try to regulate the entire mechanism and accordingly increase the utility of the treatment. That is why other types of scientists are now undertaking this research to develop so that one kind of treatment is available for this. 


This is the most effective mechanism that can result in great results. It is essential to note that this model will effectively bring a tremendous amount of change inside the human body regarding monitoring the different treatment forms. This is going to defect once again the complicated nature of the human brain and how different types of functions try to affect different parts of the human body.


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