Mask Mandate Bans From Abbott And DeSantis Face Legal Obstacles In The Courts Of Law

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 23, 2021

This week, the Republican governors of Texas and Florida faced setbacks as they awaited final court verdicts on their prohibitions on the wearing of face masks. This means that a lower court’s order to enable school districts to mandate masks in schools remains in effect notwithstanding the court’s judgment, which is only temporary.

Mask Mandate Bans From Abbott And DeSantis Face Legal Obstacles In The Courts Of Law

According to a statement released on the same day, the Texas Education Agency would cease implementing mask regulations limits in schools while the dispute is continuing. While the moves are only temporary, they serve as a reminder that Abbott’s decision may face a difficult battle in the courts as well as in school districts around the country. However, even though the Texas Supreme Court maintained the ban on mask mandates in Dallas and San Antonio on Sunday, that didn’t stop local officials from violating the judgment or finding methods to work around it.

Mask Mandate Bans From Abbott And DeSantis Face Legal Obstacles In The Courts Of Law

Abbott, who has stood by his unilateral order even though school districts have publicly rejected him, was recently found to be positive for the COVID virus. He is currently undergoing therapy with a monoclonal antibody developed by Regeneron.

The state of Texas is seeing a coronavirus outbreak that is approaching the levels witnessed during the winter’s peak. According to state statistics, more than 66 percent of the population of Texas has had a vaccination. a case filed by parents challenging Gov. Ron DeSantis’ mask ban for schools can proceed, a court ruled on Thursday in the state of Florida. The state filed a motion to have the case dismissed. Cooper’s decision clears the way for a hearing on the governor’s order to take place next week.

However, in contrast to the Texas Department of Education, the Florida Department of Education announced Friday that it would punish two school districts that are not in compliance with the ban on mask mandates within 48 hours, regardless of the outcome of the legal battle over the policy. According to a statement from the Florida Department of Education, the state has provided each district with several opportunities to correct their behavior in an attempt to reach an amicable resolution, but to no avail. This comes as President Biden instructs the country’s top education official to deploy the entire force of the federal government against governors like Abbott and DeSantis. They are obstructing the implementation of mask mandates in public schools.

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With the possibility of former President Donald Trump running for president in 2024 still up in the air, Abbott and DeSantis are more than eager to take center stage and make a public spectacle of rejecting Vice President Joe Biden. The Texas Education Agency temporarily suspended Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on mask mandates. The State Supreme Court issued a judgment permitting school districts to require students to wear face coverings during school activities. Both decisions are just transient in nature. As part of revised guidelines issued on Thursday, the agency stated that it would cease enforcing the ban on mask demands immediately until all legal challenges were resolved.

According to the new guidance, schools must notify their local health authority if a pupil tests positive for the virus, reversing the previous policy. Students in the same classroom and those who participate in the same extracurricular activities must also be informed by the school. As the number of coronavirus hospitalizations in the state has increased again, approaching the levels seen last year, Mr. Abbott has rejected requests for new restrictions. He has defended his ban on the virus. Since then, school districts and parents have opposed the governor’s mask mandate prohibition, which is currently making its way through the courts. According to the Associated Press, mask regulations have been issued in seven counties and 48 school districts, defying the governor’s directive. 

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