Medical Researchers Says, Cysts Can Be Cancerous

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 18, 2021

As per medical researchers, one must always track the progress of their pancreatic cyst else it could be too late and turn cancerous. The pancreas is situated between the spine and stomach and is one of the most important organs in the body. This organ helps in the production of insulin which helps for the metabolism process.

New Research: Cysts Can Be Cancerous

DR Russell from Rutgers Cancer Institute in New Jersey states that around 15% of Americans have a pancreatic cyst in their body. However, these are very small and cause no issues to the person. Many times these cysts are identified while doing somebody imaging for other diseases or issues. Once some irregularities are seen the patient is advised to see an expert for this who studies all the factors associated with the cyst on the pancreas.

New Research: Cysts Can Be Cancerous

Langan who is the chief of surgical oncology has stated that there is an online platform where people can access this at their home itself. Langan also stated that as of now there is no cure for pancreatic cancer however, if detected early it can be treated and people won’t have to suffer from huge pain as well. 

He also stated that many times even after identifying the cyst it is very hard to remove them as they are situated in such a spot. The spinal cord being very nearby to this makes it impossible to remove and thus as of now people can only rely on medicine and other technique to slow it down. Langan stated that hospitals and health care facilities should provide more info to people who come for routine check-ups and spread awareness about pancreatic cancer as this is a life-threatening issue as of now. 

People with skin and blood cancer are now showing low efficacy towards the covid vaccine. Doctors and health care experts say that even the 3rd vaccine will lose efficacy in such people as their immune system is already weak. The chemotherapy and the cancer tablets have made their immune systems weak.

Many people who are in the middle of their chemo even after receiving the vaccine are advised not to leave their homes. Many people outside are yet to be vaccinated which makes it hard for people with low immunity. Doctors and researchers have urged people who are vaccinated to continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing. Many of the workplaces have made vaccine a mandate and if employees is not agreeing to the terms, they are forced to leave the organization.

Many of the job portals are seeing employers now citing vaccination as a pre-requisite for interviews as well for the companies. With the winter season starting, CDC has asked people to take care of their health more as the immunity will be low during this time. This also makes it easy for the virus transmission from one person to another. Vaccination is the only effective way through which we can stop the transmission of the virus.

In a recent poll, it was shown that many of the parents are now coming forward to get their kids vaccinated. One of the main reasons for this is that many of the politicians and religious leaders have come forward and in their public speaking advised people of the ill effects it would have on their kids if they are not vaccinated. 

CDC estimates that by mid-Feb more than 85% of the country will be fully vaccinated which puts them in the endemic. However, vaccine efficacy is another problem that the country needs to look into now in the coming days of the winter season.

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