‘Producers And Directors Used To Criticize My Body Shape’; Melissa Gilbert Opened Up About Her Cosmetic Surgery!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 14, 2022

In a recent interview with times now, Melissa Gilbert has opened up about the drastic changes she has introduced to her natural body type after undergoing Cosmetic surgery. 

‘Producers And Directors Used To Criticize My Body Shape’; Melissa Gilbert Opened Up About Her Cosmetic Surgery!!

She was also able to explain the kind of hardships she had to face before going through such a type of surgery.  She recently underwent a breast implant for developing the shape of her boobs

'Producers And Directors Used To Criticize My Body Shape'; Melissa Gilbert Opened Up About Her Cosmetic Surgery

Later courses of actions

During the interview, she went emotional about how Hollywood pressured her to undergo this type of surgery to gain social acceptance of the people there.  She highlighted that from the beginning when she entered Hollywood at the age of 17, she was made to believe badly about her body.  She was criticized for having a very off-shaped body.  Most people always try to humiliate her over some time.  She used to be under the constant pressure of wearing push-up bras and corsets.  After getting tired of all of these, she finally decided to undergo cosmetic surgery to end these speculations over some time. 

Feelings she developed

She said this wasn’t easy for a woman to bear in the long run.  She even highlighted the comments she used to listen to from the producers and the directors for not having a very appealing body shape.  She was openly criticized for the type of work she used to do.  Despite having been able to give the best performance for work was never acknowledged due to her body shape.  

She could never change her body to get social acceptance but survive in the industry and continue making a living; this was the maximum she could do for herself.  She even had to get a note adjusted multiple times before undertaking the proper surgery.

Mental impact  

After undergoing surgery, she feels much more confident about her body.  She also believes that this was the maximum type of feeling they used to have against each other.  But over the period, it was essential to raise this topic in front of the world and allow the women to live with the type of body they aspire to.  She has now become more about the basic fact that a woman should be given the liberty to do whatever she wants.  

She must not change her body for somebody else.  The people should too want to be vocal about this fact and be it any industry, and she wanted no kind of body shaming for women.  This is the best type of treatment that has been given by one of the most successful Hollywood actresses of all time. 

After hearing this kind of treatment, many people have come forward and even expressed their views concerning the poor treatment that women have to face by making a career in Hollywood.  Only if older adults stand against this issue in solidarity can some change be brought to the mentality of the people.  This is the best type of solution which must actually be available in all the situations and at all the points of time.

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