MemorySafeX Review- A Single Click Backup Solution Analyzed!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 28, 2020

This is my genuine MemorySafeX review. Do you find it annoying to have a memory full message when you take your favorite selfie? Did you feel sad thinking that you don’t have space on your phone to download your favorite movie?  

Memories are always beautiful. Good memories add beauty. We take photos to enjoy seeing it all again. Did you delete the saved photos from your phone in one fell swoop? 

MemorySafeX Review- Fastest And Newest Backup Device 2020!

It is claimed that Memory SafeX will change all such problems. Read on till the end of this Memory SafeX review to know more and to find whether it is useful for you or not.

MemorySafeX Review
Product NameMemorySafeX
CategoryBackup Device
BenefitsHigh speed 3 In 1 backup storage for iOS and Android devices.
Price$59 per each
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is it?

MemorySafeX is a high speed 3 In 1 backup storage for iOS and Android devices. MemorySafeX is a device similar to a USB Flash drive that helps to back up your photos, video, and other data from your phone memory.

MemorySafeX logo

The device supports iOS, Android, Windows, and other operating software. So it can be reliable and convenient to instantly backup all your photos and videos from your phone.

Based on MemorySafex review, it is easy to use and you have to just connect the USB port to the phone. Memory SafeX will directly backup the media files from your phone memory so it will be easy to retrieve all the photos that have been deleted from it.

Since it has a large memory of 64 GB, you can store around 64000 photos and videos in it.


Once you plug the device into the USB port of your phone, it instantly searches your device and backups all the images, videos, and other data that have been deleted from it.

All the files will be backed into the internal storage of MemorySafeX so your phone memory will be free. 

MemorySafeX technical facts

  • USB Type-C connector connects the device to your phone
  • Large memory: 64 GB disk space
  • Plug and play
  • Direct data transmission
  • MemorySafeX app helps to adjust the settings and to find the backed files

What makes MemorySafeX special?

  • MemorySafeX is different from other back-up devices. It has an in-built program that finds all the media files deleted from your phone. This in-built program also helps to save those backed files.
  • Just as MemorySafeX review, this device can be used in iOS, Android phones and can be even used in computers.
  • MemorySafeX backup is the only device that helps to save all your memories without losing them
  • It is cheaper and does not require any mobile data or wifi connection to back-up files.
  • Involves safe and secure transfer

MemorySafeX features

  • It instantly backup your photos, videos, and other media files
  • Based on MemorySafex reviews, it is easy and convenient to use
  • Can be connected with iOS, Android, or any other operating system
  • It transfers media safely and securely
  • Large capacity

How many photos can you save?

The MemorySafeX device has a storage capacity of around 64 GB. This is more than enough to store the memories of your whole life. Each photo, video, and media have different sizes.

So we can’t say exactly how many photos can the device save in it. Usually, videos occupy more space than those photos.

According to the website, MemorySafeX website, you can save around 64000 photos and videos in it.

Why choose MemorySafeX?

The most important thing to choose MemorySafeX is its ease of use. According to MemorySafeX review, it is compatible with both android and Ios devices. You can even connect it to a computer.

Thus within a few minutes, you can back up all your lost files and store them in MemorySafeX. Just plug the device into your phone and download the MemorySafeX app on your phone.

Now you can start saving all your media files into it. That is, you can save your memories easily and quickly in MemorySafeX. It is cheaper too. 

MemorySafeX Price

MemorySafeX is now available at $59. The original price of the device is $118 and now you can purchase them at a discount of 50%. The website also offers free delivery for the device.

The only thing you have to do is to select the quantity and do the payment. Apart from this 50% offer, the website has given many more offers for those who purchase the device in bulk.

  • Buy 3 MemorySafeX at $30 per each and get 2 MemorySafeX for free
  • Buy 2 MemorySafeX at $45 per each and get 1 MemorySafeX for free
  • Buy 4 MemorySafeX at $32 per each.

How can you get hands-on it?

MemorySafeX is only available at and can only be purchased through its official website. If you wish to purchase a MemorySafeX device, then you have to visit the official website page.

Do not buy the product from any other retailers. They won’t sell the original product and purchasing from the official website offers you a 50% discount too. So it’s ideal to place your purchase from the official website. 

Final verdict

If you want to back up all your lost memories and have to store it safely, then we would recommend buying MemorySafeX.

It has a lot of features that make it easy to use and transfer all the media files. 64 GB memory capacity is more than enough to store the media files in your whole life. so MemorySafeX may provide extra backup storage for your phone and it’s definitely one we would recommend you to buy.

You don’t have to worry about its technical aspects. Anyone and everyone without technical skills and knowledge can use it. 

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