Moodozi Light Reviews – An Effective Light To Get Rid Of Seasonal Depression?

Allie Troy | Last Updated : January 21, 2022

Moodozi Light Reviews 2021: In this review, I’ll be analyzing Moodozi Light, which is an innovative light therapy lamp that is designed for those struggling with seasonal depression to find relief from mood swings. This will be a detailed review where I’ll be utilizing my expertise in the area, and supporting it with published scientific research and authentic Moodozi Light customer reviews. So keep reading to find answers to all your questions regarding the Moodozi SAD Lamp.

But before I begin with my Moodozi Light review, let me introduce myself for the sake of those who are new to this column.

I’m Dr. Allie Troy, a certified psychologist and an expert consultant for The Powdersville Post in all matters relating to health. I have more than a decade of experience in psychology and for the past few years, I have been reviewing effective treatments for mood disorders for the health and wellness column of The Powdersville Post.

Now, getting back to my review, I can tell you that the customer response to Moodozi Light since its release has been great, so much so that it has become the topic of discussion in most psychology forums despite the fact that it has not been advertised much.

But these discussions in psychology forums are not going to benefit anyone who is looking to find relief from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) unless it is available to the public. Of course, there are a few Moodozi Light reviews out there on the internet, but I’ve realized that none of them contain any worthwhile information as they are not based on any sort of research.

That’s the reason why I decided to write this Moodozi Light review today. So without wasting any more time, let m get straight to it.

Moodozi Light Reviews – Can It Fight Away Winter Blues?

The fact is that there are a lot of people in the States who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) especially during the winter. The sad part, however, is that many people don’t even realize that they are suffering from SAD, as is it difficult to diagnose unless you consult with a professional. If you are regularly feeling blue each year during the winter or at other specific times or seasons in your life, chances are you could be suffering from SAD.

But if you have been diagnosed with SAD, your doctor might have already told you that light therapy is the best treatment available for you out there. However, choosing the right method for light therapy is difficult as prolonged sunlight could increase the threat of skin cancer and so do artificial lights that don’t block the ultraviolet range.

That’s why when I first heard about the Moodozi light therapy lamp during a discussion with some colleagues on an online psychology forum, it instantly caught my attention. This new lamp box seemed quite effective and way ahead of its times. However, it is not always best to go by first impressions. So I’ve been researching about the supplement ever since and this Moodozi Light review is based on all the information I have collected thus far.

Now, since this is a lengthy, in-depth review, I’ve structured it into various sections so that you can easily access those that you find relevant by clicking the titles in the contents section, and skipping the others if need be. However, I’d suggest you read through the whole review so that you have enough information about Moodozi Light to make an informed decision.

Moodozi Reviews
Product NameMoodozi Light
Product TypeLed Light
Main benefitsHelps To Get Rid Of Seasonal Depression Through Natural Way
CategoryMental Health Therapy
Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects reported
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Money-back guarantee30 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Moodozi Light?

Moodozi Light is a light therapy lamp that is designed to help those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) find relief from mood swings by boosting mood, increasing energy, enhancing focus, and improving sleep. This innovative device is considered to be highly effective as it is supported by numerous scientific studies and works for everyone, regardless of their age or gender.

The Moodozi Light SAD lamp uses LEDs that give out bright white full-spectrum light at 10000 lux, which is considered the best possible output for light therapy. It is also free from ultraviolet radiation and comes with multiple innovative features, some of which I’ll be analyzing in the next section.

Features of Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp?

As I said, the Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp is a device that is packed with innovative features. Here are some of the highlights among them:


First and foremost, the Moodozi SAD lamp is easy to use. All you have to do is simply plug the USB cable into the left connecter of the lamp and then connect the AC/DC adapter to the power socket. 

LED Instead Of Incandescent

The lamp box uses LEDs as the light source which helps it simulate the exact brightness and hue of the sun. This also reduces pollution, the amount of electricity used and also helps the device to last longer.

Free From Ultraviolet Radiation

The Moodozi lamp box is also free from light in the UV spectrum thereby avoiding the threat of skin cancer.

Brightness Regulation

The Moodozi lamp box also allows you to regulate the brightness of the light between 2000 lux and 10000 lux to simulate the intensity of the sun’s light at various times of the day.

Adjustable Color Temperature

The device allies you to adjust color temperatures between 3000k and 6500k to uplift your mood, boost your energy levels, and also help you sleep better.

Adjustable Angles

The positioning of the lamp box is quite important when you are undergoing light therapy. As such, the Moodozi light therapy lamp comes with a plastic stand accessory that allows you to position the device at the best and most comfortable angles.

Easily Portable

The Moodozi SAD lamp is small in size at just 160*140*10mm and can be easily carried wherever you go.

Features of Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp

How Does Moodozi Light Work?

The Moodozi light therapy lamp works by simulating sunlight with the same intensity and hue to make up for lost sunlight exposure and to reset the body’s biological clock.

Numerous scientific studies published in reputed medical journals such as The Lancet (Volume 336, Issue 8717) and The Journal of American Academy of Physician Assistants (Volume 27, Issue 2)  have already shown that light therapy helps reduce the depressive behaviors of SAD such as fatigue and sleepiness. 

To put this into context, the production of the sleep regulator hormone, melatonin, is inhibited by light and permitted by darkness, whereas the opposite is true for the hormone, serotonin, which is linked to mood regulation.

So during the winter or at other times when there is increased darkness and you don’t get enough sunlight, you begin to feel low on mood and energy.

The Moodozi light therapy lamp helps address this problem by emitting 10,000 lux of light to simulate sunlight to manipulate the hormone levels and timing in your body. And since the timing of light exposure is crucial to the management of circadian rhythm, the light also helps sync your body’s natural rhythms.

How Does Moodozi Light Work

Moodozi Light Therapy Benefits

Here are the amazing benefits of the Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp according to the various Moodozi Light reviews:

Here are some of the benefits of using the Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp:

⚡️Enhances Mood and Increases Vitality

Moodozi Light helps manage hormone levels that regulate mood and sleep. As a result, you will experience an enhancement of mood and a consequent increase in vitality, with continued use of the lamp box.

⚡️Improves Sleep Patterns

When you are suffering from SAD, you feel drowsy constantly but are rarely satisfied with sleep. Moododozi can help regulate sleep patterns so that you sleep just enough and feel well-rested every single time.

⚡️Balances Circadian Rhythm

Moodozi Light helps you to be in sync with the body’s rhythms so that you feel alert, cheerful, and energized, whether you work night shifts, constantly change time zones, or simply don’t get enough sunlight.

⚡️Improve Mental Strength and Focus

As a consequence of improved sleep patterns and rhythm, you will also experience lesser brain fog and improved mental strength and focus.

⚡️ Safer Than Antidepressants

Moodozi Light therapy is also considered better than antidepressants as it is comparatively safe and easy.

⚡️ Can Also Be Used To Feel Warm & Cozy During Winter

Although Moodozi Light therapy is used primarily by SAD individuals, even others can use it to keep themselves comfortable and cozy during the winter without the hassle of having to get the fireplace going. Getting a few Moodozi lamps can keep you and your family not just warm and cozy, but also have a positive effect on mood, help with relaxation and balanced circadian rhythm, and also improve sleeping & eating patterns, amongst other things.

Moodozi Light Therapy Benefits

How To Use Moodozi Light?

To use the lamp box you have to first plug it into a power source. You can touch the time button to turn it on or press and hold it for a few seconds to turn it on. Once the deceive is turned on, it should be placed between 4 and 24 inches from your face, making sure that it is slightly off-center, so that you are not looking directly into the light. You can then configure the light intensity, color temperature, and timer as per your requirement.  The recommended period of use is 30 minutes to 1 hour per day. 

However, since exposure affects each individual differently, it is important to establish a distance and schedule that is comfortable to you. One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people don’t use light therapy is that it is inconvenient to schedule. But with the help of a device like the Moodozi lamp box, you can set up a schedule that is easy to follow. It is not necessary to sit in front of the lamp continuously, as you can divide the time into mini-sessions. 

Nonetheless, it is recommended that you use the lamp box regularly and preferably at the same time every day, for best results.

How does Moodozi Lamp Work

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Can You Treat Depression With Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp?

Moodozi Light can help in treating depression to a certain extent as it helps improve mental strength. Studies have shown that anxiety and depression scores are reduced and there is a significant reduction in symptoms with high-intensity light therapy.

Customers who use Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp suggest that it gives them a feeling of optimism and motivation. Users also experience a considerable reduction in mood swings and pessimistic thought patterns. It also helps in improving sleeping and waking patterns which can consequently help with mental health. As such it can be considered a safe alternative method to treat depression without forcing the user to take any medication.

Is Moodozi Light Anti Sad Light Solution Legit Or Not?

Moodozi SAD Light Therapy is a legit device to treat winter blues as it makes use of a solution that is supported and recommended by scientific research. You can trust that the product is of high quality as Moodozi Light is an American-owned company and all its products are manufactured using the latest technology and equipment. 

More than 46,000 customers attest that they have found positive results after using the device. Besides, the Moodozi SAD light therapy lamp comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you get your investment back if you are not satisfied with the results. Such a guarantee only lends more legitimacy to the product.

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Moodozi Light Customer Reviews And Complaints

As I’ve mentioned already, the majority of the customers seem to be satisfied with the performance of the Moodozi light therapy lamp. Most of them attest that they have experienced significant improvement in their mood after using the lamp consistently. Even those who are not suffering from SAD or winter blues seem to have found the device helpful as it lets them experience the warmth and energy of the sun even during the winter.

Based on many of the Moodozi Light reviews, now some complaints about any product are normal. Not everyone will be satisfied with any product. However, I didn’t come across too many complaints about Moodozi Light during my research about the supplement. There were only a few customers who didn’t find the device useful in treating their mood quickly enough. Nonetheless, I’d have to say that the overall response is fairly positive.

Moodozi Customer reviews

Moodozi Sad Light Therapy Lamp Pricing And Availability

The Moodozi SAD Light Therapy Lamp prices have gone down considerably as part of a holiday sale. You can get up to 40% off from the original price on a single device and up to 50% off on multi-packs.

Here is an overview of the Moodozi SAD Light Therapy price package currently available:

💥Buy 1 Moodozi light, single relief pack at $59.99.
💥Buy 2 Moodozi lights, studio relief pack at $94.98.
💥Buy 3 Moodozi lights, multi relief pack at $134.98.
💥Buy 4 Moodozi lights, expansive relief pack at $169.97.
💥Buy 5 Moodozi lights, deluxe relief pack at $199.96.

You can also get 3-Year extended protection and replacement warranty on the devices by paying an additional amount of $26.99.

Where To Buy Moodozi SAD Light Therapy Lamp?

The only place you can buy Moodozi Light SAD light therapy lamp is the official website of the product. As far as I am aware, it is not available on retail, or on any e-commerce website, such as Amazon or eBay, at least not officially. There could be fake websites out there that look similar to the official website.

In case you do find the device on sale on such websites or on any other e-commerce platforms, you can be sure that they are counterfeit or second-hand products. The manufacturer of Moodozi Light has made it clear that they will not be responsible for poor quality or counterfeit products bought from unofficial sources. Only products bought from the official website will be eligible for the money-back guarantee.

So in case you are planning to buy Moodozi SAD lamps, make sure you get them only from the official website. You can use the links to the official website I’ve shared with this review if you want to be safe and sure.

Final Verdict On Moodozi Reviews

Taking everything into consideration, it does seem to me that the Moodozi SAD light therapy lamp is a legit solution to tackle winter blues. There is considerable evidence to suggest that it is a better alternative to antidepressants. 

As mentioned in the Moodozi Light reviews, the lamp is compact and portable and can even be used by the elderly. The device The fact that it emulates sunlight with UV-Free LED lights means that it is also a useful device that anyone can use during the winter to keep themselves warm and cozy.

The device is safe and natural and is considered to be highly effective as it can have a positive effect on mood, help with relaxation and balancing the circadian rhythm, and also manage sleep & eating patterns.

Besides, Moodozi Light comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you get your investment back if you are not satisfied with the results. So my verdict is that it surely merits a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Moodozi Light safe to use?

Yes, Moodozi Light is highly safe and 100% natural.  It makes use of UV-Free led lamps and which eliminates the threat of skin cancer, making it one of the safest solutions for SAD out there and even preferred to antidepressants by medical professionals.

  • Can I still use light therapy if I don’t have SAD?

Yes. Light therapy has a positive effect on mood and helps our bodies behave naturally. It can help with relaxation, balancing the circadian rhythm, and managing sleep & eating patterns, amongst other things. As such, it can be used by anyone.

  • How long will it take for results?

Most customers report that they notice a difference within the 1 to 2 weeks of using Moodozi Light. However, the results are subjective as it depends on what you are using it for. If you are using the SAD lamp to help with the dark mornings, you may notice a difference after the first day. On the other hand, if you are using it for moderate to severe SAD, then it may take longer to see results.

  • What if it doesn’t work?

In case you are not satisfied with the results, the product can be returned within 30-days to get your money back. You can refer to the official website for further details.

  • What type of power adapter is required?

The device requires a USB Type C connector with an Input: 110-240V / Output: 5V/2A-2.4A. All adapters are included with the purchase.


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