One Of The Most Infectious Diseases Known As Per CDC Is The Delta Variant

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 24, 2021

This particular strain of coronavirus, known as Delta, is known to be one of the most contagious respiratory diseases ever seen by experts and scientists as the Director of CDC stated this Thursday. The variant is highly transmissible among people largely people infected with the delta variant are known to carry up to 1,000 times more infected viruses in their nasal passages than those who are infected with the original strain, as per the new data information. 

One Of The Most Infectious Diseases Known As Per CDC Is The Delta Variant

The more aggressive and much more transmissible than the previous strains, the Delta variant is indeed the most infectious respiratory viruses we seem to know of, as per Dr. Rochelle Walensky who is the CDC Director. The Delta variant has been seen spreading quickly through the nation accounting for more than 83% of the positive cases in the US as of now and came up from 50% on the 3rd of July.

One Of The Most Infectious Diseases Known As Per CDC Is The Delta Variant

Currently, at 37,674 new cases per day, the seven-day average of new cases is now up to 54% since the last week. Hospitalizations are on a percentage of 32% since last week which is about 3,500 a day and deaths have also witnessed a rise of 19% which is 240 a day, in the same time frame. 

Walensky says the virus has no incentive to let up and it shall remain to infect people who are known to be vulnerable. The Covid-19 scare is ripping through the United States with low vaccination rates in few countries and high vaccination rates in few countries are seeing lower vaccination rates of new cases.

Texas, Florida, and Missouri are known to have low vaccination rates have been accounted for 40% of all new cases, around the nation as per Jeff Zients, White House Covid Czar stated. Florida alone has been seen accounting for 1 out of 5 all new cases in the United States, for the second week in a row. 

In health care centers around the country, 97% of the population who have been admitted with the Covid-19 symptoms are known to be unvaccinated and 99.5% of all coronavirus deaths are also known to be among the unvaccinated. 

Vaccinations have been stressed upon by all experts, health care authorities, and officials as the virus have seen to now produce a new strain which is also being the main cause in few countries case count, the delta variant and this variant is known to be much more highly transmissible compared to the alpha, beta, covid-19, the main strain, etc. The vaccine might not just cure the condition but it sure shall help one’s body fight against any disturbance caused by any virus once it enters the body. 

In the last week, the five states with the highest known case counts had the highest rates of people getting vaccinated, newly, compared with the national average. As per Walensky, we are not yet another pivotal moment between this pandemic with the cases rising once again and some hospitals about to reach their capacity in few areas, we have to come together as one nation and break the chain.

It is highly important for each one of us as citizens of America, to grab the vaccine shots while it lasts. We need to maintain covid-19 guidelines till there is no absolute sign of the vanishing of the virus from all the nooks and corners of the world. Once the virus seems to not exist, only then we can live without any restrictions. Vaccinations should be taken as soon as possible due to the various covid-19 strains roaming around in the air causing distress among the living.

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