Myths And Truths Concerning Cholesterol At The Medical Centers

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 24, 2022

“Cholesterol and saturated fat are the two main types of fat that are essential for brain health.”

Cholesterol is an amalgam of the phospholipid type found in the tissues of the body. It plays a crucial role in the making of cell membranes and cell structures. It is also vital for the fusion of hormones, vitamin D, and many other substances. Due to the presence of cholesterol in the cell membrane, the membrane fluids remain under control due to which the body temperature is at its finest condition.

Myths And Truths Concerning Cholesterol At The Medical Centers

Cholesterol is a very important part of our body and our body produces almost 80% of healthy cholesterol which helps to maintain the body temperature, pressure, etc.

Myths And Truths Concerning Cholesterol At The Medical Centers

Cholesterols chemical formula is C27H46O and it also tells us that cholesterol plays a dominant role not only in the human body but also in chemistry as it is used for providing stability. Bile, an essential substance needed by the body for breaking down food and absorbing nutrients in the intestine, is produced by cholesterol. This tells us that cholesterol indeed plays a significant role as it produces substances that mainly are concerned and apprehensive about the well-being of the body.

Despite all the positive points regarding cholesterol, it also has certain limitations within the body that sometimes overwhelms its positive aspects.

Doctors and medical researchers all over the world did discussions and debates on the topic of cholesterol and even concluded that although having some positive points excess cholesterol in the body can be obnoxious and dangerous.  The International surveys estimated  2.6 million deaths due to the absorption of food consisting of excessive amounts of cholesterol.

The WHO and NIH warned people to control their habit of eating excessive junk foods such as mayonnaise, fried potatoes, full-fat yogurt dairy products and asserted them to absorb them at a bearable quantity. They explained that excessive cholesterol can convert the bile into crystals and then dense stones in the gallbladder which can be devastatingly painful.

Some international and national medical centers had even published some myths regarding cholesterol.

  1. Too much consumption of cholesterol can be damaging and life-threatening as it can increase the risks associated with heart disease, kidney disease, hypothyroidism etc.
  2. Surplus consumption of cholesterol can perpetuate the strokes in the arteries as a high amount of cholesterol can reduce the amount of blood flow to the brain decreasing the amount of oxygen.
  3. It can also lead to Alzheimer’s disorder, ataxia, dysphagia, dysarthria etc.

However, numerous scientists and doctors intensely did research on the topic of cholesterol among which one of the most famous first black American women in the United States Marie  M. Daley accomplished her mission to find the relationship between high blood pressure and cholesterol. She first did her experiment on the blood pressure and cholesterol of rats through which she came to a conclusion and produced one of the most innovative discoveries.

The increasing mortality rates due to the consumption of cholesterol-containing food has indeed become serious and many health agencies have implemented certain precautions. The lipidologists even warned people to regulate their diet and exercise efficiently in order to maintain a balance between the food consumed and health.

They urged people to get a checkup on their cholesterol rates and blood pressure so that they become vigilant and ready for what is imminent.  It is not the medication or hospital that will help to cure the disease but our control over ourselves in terms of consumption of food as well beverages that can be equally harmful. We need to understand that it is we who trap ourselves in these harmful diseases and we can only be the ones to cure them by taking significant steps.

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