The Handling Of The Pandemic By Netanyahu Is Criticized By An Israeli Watchdog

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 2, 2021

The official government watchdog in Israel on Tuesday blasted Benjamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister’s management of the coronavirus crisis, pointing out flaws in his administration’s decision-making as well as a failure to enforce safety precautions.

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The Handling Of The Pandemic By Netanyahu Is Criticized By An Israeli Watchdog

According to the State Comptroller’s report, Netanyahu’s administration did not properly learn from its errors after the country’s first wave of illnesses in early 2020, which occurred in the United States.

The Handling Of The Pandemic By Netanyahu Is Criticized By An Israeli Watchdog

Furthermore, the report said that the government did not adequately address the pandemic’s effect on education, the economy, and social welfare till June, three months after it started spreading in March.

Specifically, the study identified “failures in the process of formulating decisions and putting them into effect,” and it concluded that the government and its advisory coronavirus cabinet failed to adequately monitor Netanyahu’s actions.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who was removed from power on March 23 after 12 years in power as a result of the country’s fourth straight legislative election, had praised his government’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic while campaigning. In particular, he emphasized his achievement in procuring vaccinations, which enabled Israel to become one of the first countries to immunize its whole population against the disease.

Netanyahu, who is now the leader of the opposition, has publicly attacked his replacement, Naftali Bennett, for how he has handled the nation’s fourth wave of illnesses, which has wracked the country in the last month.

Taking office on June 13, Bennett’s administration, which is comprised of a diverse range of political groups united in their opposition to Netanyahu, came to power.

Although State Comptroller MatanyahuEnglman’s paper did not analyze the acts of the new administration, he said that the lessons gained from them should be taken into consideration.

According to Engelman, who is a Netanyahu appointment, this critique is more valid than ever and has highlighted serious flaws. They are now in the fourth wave, and it is critical that any problems be addressed as soon as possible. As per Health Ministry statistics, Israel surpassed its single-day record for new coronavirus infections on Tuesday by almost 11,000, despite having launched the world’s largest vaccine campaign earlier this year.

Coronavirus-related fatalities have been reported in Israel for the first time since the outbreak began. More than 2 million booster injections have already been administered to the nation’s 9.3 million people, almost 60 percent of whom have gotten 2 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

The country has already given more than 2 million booster shots in the last month. The study also identified significant flaws in the government’s policy regarding arrivals at Israel’s principal international airport, which was the subject of the investigation. Putting 96 percent of those entering the nation under home quarantine

According to the report, was extremely unsuccessful at preventing the spread of new illnesses because of lax enforcement and a lack of obedience to the regulations, the report stated.

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