New Year Celebrations Are Different This Year Due To Pandemic!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 1, 2021

Even though millions of Travellers moved to their favorite holiday destinations for New Year celebrations, things are not looking as exciting as they used to be in the past.

The covid-19 scare has affected the new year festivities, and several tourist destinations across the world have toned down the celebrations.

New Year Celebrations Are Different This Year Due To Pandemic!

The usual busy places like the New York Times Square arranged only digital shows and digital events. Large public gatherings were not visible this year, and the charm of New Year celebrations was totally missing due to covid-19 regulations.

Many people who were enjoying their holiday trips with family members said that they had to celebrate this year, particularly as they had suffered the entire year due to the endemic. However, other people were just happy that they were alive even after so much chaos that happened in 2020.

Several tourist destinations that initially hoped that the pandemic would die down by this time are disappointed with the situation.

The covid-19 restrictions are still in place across most of the tourist destinations in the US. Due to this problem, the travel industry is facing a difficult situation, and millions of people working in this sector have lost their income due to the pandemic.

Several people who are working as tourist guides or doing other freelance jobs in the tourism industry have completely moved to different professions in the last few months. Some people have taken sales jobs, and others are planning to make a shift in their career in 2021.

Even though the arrival of a vaccine has improved the situation by some margin, industry experts say that it will still be a long time before the situation can return to complete normalcy.

In this regard, even 2021 will be a difficult year for the tourism industry as the mass vaccination program is likely to continue throughout the year across the country.

Even though some tourist destinations and popular hubs in many cities made some arrangements for New Year celebrations, it was not up to the mark considering the covid-19 restriction.

Many people decided to stay home as they feared the rising number of coronavirus cases across the country. Even some people who were out on the streets to celebrate the new year festivities were disappointed due to a lot of restrictions and lack of options to enjoy the year-end parties.

Some tourist destinations have banned the sale of Fireworks, and only digital shows were allowed during the new year festivities. The tourist destinations that used to have concerts in public places on the occasion of New Year celebrations also opted to avoid crowds in this situation.

Even though the shows were held, the audience was not allowed, and the event was live-streamed for the crowds. This was done to prevent the crowd from gathering in large numbers at public places during the year and celebrations.

The year-end celebrations are one of the biggest events for several businesses in the tourism industry. However, they are more than happy to just remain open this year as the pandemic has resulted in the shutting down of several businesses.

The authorities have banned several New Year’s Eve parties in public places and asked people to stay at home considering the threat of infection.

In some places, the authorities restricted the gathering of people in public places later in the evening in order to reduce the crowds.

With the arrival of covid-19 vaccines in the market, many people in the industry expect the bounce back in 2021. It would be interesting to see the response of people in this regard in the near future.

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