Nowhere Near Finished- WHO The Emergency Committee States

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 19, 2021

With a new highly transmissible strain of the coronavirus, the pandemic is nowhere near finished and is now known to be more dangerous compared to before ad more dangerous variants are on their way as per the WHO Emergency Committee. The coronavirus pandemic continues to remain a public health emergency which was said in a committee meeting where WHO was seen releasing a statement that focuses on concerns that expressed concerns abuts the delta variant. The committee had recognized a strong likelihood for the alarming state of various countries and the global spread of new and possibly highly dangerous variants that leave the world concerned and make it even more challenging to control.

Nowhere Near Finished- WHO The Emergency Committee States

An international group of researchers and experts are recommended that member states do not use any proof of vaccination shots like the only requirement for international travel, given global access and inequitable distribution of the coronavirus vaccines.

Nowhere Near Finished- WHO The Emergency Committee States

The statement said state parties should consider a risk-based approach, to the facilitation of international travel by measures being lifted, like testing or quarantine requirements, only when appropriate, following the WHO rules and guidance. 

The cases have been seen rising as the new variant of the coronavirus strain is overpowering the present conditions. Measures are being taken seriously as now few people are spreading awareness on how the new variant can be extremely easy to transmit from one body to another.

In a report that was published on a Tuesday, WHO mentioned that global coronavirus positive cases are seen on a rise and that deaths have also been seen increasing for the first time in the last nine weeks. It is also added that the delta variant which is known to be highly contagious, is expected to become the dominant variant circulating all over the world and has already been reported in more than 120 countries. 

Delta, the most contagious variant of the coronavirus is known to be surrounded the world and creating alarming rates of cases around the globe. The vaccine shots are known to be working well for people who already received their vaccination jabs. And for those who are unvaccinated, are mostly in need of being the most careful and the least careless, as the variant is known to be prominently contagious and dangerous and has already shown hospitalizations and deaths.

With the coronavirus able to now emerge into various other contagious strains, experts say there is no end to the pandemic as of yet. Many people are requested to get their vaccinations as soon as possible as the variant is spreading like fire among the younger and the low immunity individuals. Booster shots are hence for those with a low immune system.

Many countries are taking a low-risk global approach to reducing the rates of cases of covid-19. The pandemic is nowhere close to finishing and it certainly brings concern to many public health officials as many of them have been stressing how safety measures of masking up is an important action to be taken immediately.

Many other variants are probably able to emerge into various other highly contagious variants bring even more concern to the pandemic ever stopping. Delta variant is in the air, and many health officials are finding boosters as an important and simple solution to the delta variant.

Although the vaccination jabs are not 100% clear on solving the condition caused by a various coronavirus and their strains. Talking about booster shots, many countries find booster shots are not as important as the vaccine itself. The vaccine is known to be pretty safe and people are trying to spread the word by word of mouth, to get their vaccine shots as soon as possible as it may not create a proper cure but it sure shall act as a protection shield for the immune system. 

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