Obesity Is Being A Bane For Teenagers

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 15, 2021

Obesity is considered to be one of the risk factors for health. Obesity is the combination of obesity and overweight. As we know, obesity is caused due to excessive eating of higher amounts of fats and sugars, and with lower-body movements. As per a new study, it is revealed that more teens are having a higher risk of Obesity.

Obesity Is Being A Bane For Teenagers

Not only in the US but also in many other developed countries, it is projected that overweight people are having maximum chances to get stroke and it might be enhanced further. Researchers had found from the reports based on Body Mass Index (BMI), they have categorized them as underweight, obese, and overweight. 

Obesity Is Being A Bane For Teenagers

Teens who are overweight, having more chances to get strokes before they reach the age of 50. It is clear that the persons having low BMI having low chances for having strokes before age of 50, but the persons having higher BMI, reflect more strokes before age of 50.

Researchers did not explain that weight loss cannot deplete the risk of having strokes at the age of twenty years, thirty years, and forty years. Childhood obesity also leads to various diseases, there are higher chances to get a stroke. Type 2 diabetes is considered the main risk factor for having a stroke as well.

To overcome this, everyone should follow a proper diet and physical activities regularly, this cannot emphasize having a stroke but, it can decrease the risk of having a stroke in the early age groups. Some researchers said that avoiding smoke and losing weight if you are overweight, that can minimize the chances to get diabetes and also blood pressure.

These two factors are considered as the prominent factors for stroke. Teens with obesity are mainly due to eating unhealthy items and their comfortable lifestyle with super-advanced technology. And also, there are some factors that can cause obesity were Hereditary, unhealthy meals, insulin secretion, and consumption of drugs. Proper treatment with maximum preventive measures can have less risk to have a stroke in preschoolers and that can carry to adulthood.

However, this study didn’t reveal that, how this teenage obesity is going to affect the cardiovascular system. The more you weigh the more you have chances to get heart-related problems at an early age. Obesity is being one of the serious problems, if you are not able to treat then it will be the reason for many complications in the body.

The study was done on both males and females who are under the age of 50, through BMI. The cholesterol levels are rising in obese patients and it is not eliminated from the body as metabolic wastes, which can get accumulated.

That can leads to various disorders mainly stroke. From the research, it is clear that overweight children or teenagers have double the chances to get cardiovascular diseases. If you lose weight you will be having fewer chances to get a stroke. Having obesity is being a bane for the many teenagers that are carried out from childhood to adulthood.

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