One Death And 4 Injuries Occurred In Minnesota Shooting

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 10, 2021

A patient opened fire on an Allina clinic in Buffalo on Tuesday morning, after he received a dissatisfying treatment. The fire resulted in killing one person and injuring four others. 

The accused is a 67-old man named Gregory Paul Ulrich, a resident of Buffalo, and was arrested before noon.

According to the authorities, investigations are going on a suspicious device left by the culprit and his belongings that have been found by the bomb technicians at the motel where the culprit stayed. 

One Death And 4 Injuries Occurred In Minnesota Shooting

All the five victims of the fire were immediately hospitalized. As of Tuesday night, the death of one among them was confirmed by a spokeswoman of the clinic. One among the rest of four has been discharged but the other three remained in the hospital with critical conditions. 

The clinic is situated in Buffalo, a resident of nearly 15,000 people in the northwest of Minneapolis. 

The police officials said that it is too early to say whether the culprit targeted any specific staff or doctor in the clinic.

However, according to the records of the court, he was ordered not to have any contact with a man at one point. One of the doctors in the clinic also matches with the name of the same person with whom he was asked to have no contact.

The County Sheriff Sean Deringer said that during the search for more victims in the clinic, the authorities could find the suspicious device. After finding the device, they immediately evacuated the clinic.

It remains unknown whether any explosion has occurred from the device. From the 

TV footage of the clinic, it is clear that a lot of plate glass windows are scattered all around the clinic. 

The County sheriff said that the officials found similar devices also at the motel where the man was staying. In the motel, they found at least two shattered glass windows as well.

During a news conference, Police Chief Pat Budke said that the man has had a long history that spans several years for conflicting with the clinics where he received health care services. 

Budke became emotional and said that it is heart-breaking as a community. He said that the shooting doesn’t seem like a case of domestic terrorism. However, his history made the investigators believe that the attack was targeted at the clinic or somebody among the staff.

He also said that according to the past contacts with the culprit, he doesn’t have any conflicts with anyone other than people within the facilities where he received medical treatment. 

According to the court reports, the man has a list of accusations on several versatile cases.

On Tuesday night, the Hennepin County Medical Center spokeswoman Christine Hill said that one of the people who were brought to the hospital after being shot at the Buffalo clinic had died. She added that she could not give any other details. 

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