One Shot Fight Enders Reviews – A 60 Minute Self Defense Program By Damian Ross!

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Hello readers! If you are someone who is trying to learn a few self-defense methods or looking for an affordable and quality guide, this One Shot Fight Enders review is something you don’t want to miss out on!

One Shot Fight Enders is a video training program that gives you specialized guidance on proven self-defense techniques designed by a martial artist, coach, and more, Damian Ross.

One Shot Fight Enders Reviews – Does It Contain Effective Techniques To Combat Your Attackers?

When I first got to hear about One Shot Fight Enders from one of my friends, James who was excited to try it, I knew I had to dig in and see what this buzz was all about.

A look at some of the One Shot Fight Enders reviews didn’t give me the answer that I was looking for. That is if this 60-minute training program is worth my money, time, and effort. And the only way to try it out for me.

So in this One Shot Fight Enders review, you will get to know my experience with this program, the takeaway, and what I got to know from other users. Let’s begin!

One Shot Fight Enders Reviews
Program NameOne Shot Fight Enders
CompanyThe Self Defense Company
FounderDamian Ross
CategorySelf Defense
  • Improve your natural fighting instincts
  • Enhance your physical strength
  • Boost their defense skills effectively
  • Increase your alertness to guard yourself
  • Program TypeVideo Training Program
    Program Duration60-minute self-defense training pack
    ProsHelps to learn self-defense techniques
    ConsIndividual results may vary
    Additional Bonus Materials
  • Self Defense Library
  • The aware course
  • The power circuit Training
  • Money-Back Guarantee30 days
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What is One Shot Fight Enders?

    One Shot Fight Enders is a 60-minute video training program that teaches you self-defense techniques to effectively combat your attacker and protect yourself from any injury whatsoever. The program guides you through the methods as well as how to identify the weak spots of your attacker.

    According to the creator of One Shot Fight Enders, you will learn to improve your natural fighting instincts as well as reduce the strength of your attackers by identifying and targeting their weaknesses.

    The techniques involved are easy to follow and are said to enhance your physical strength compared to the training that you receive from traditional martial arts. Men and women of any age are said to be suitable candidates for One Shot Fight Enders video to boost their defense skills effectively.

    Who is Damian Ross?

    As mentioned earlier, Damian Ross is the coach and instructor of the One Shot Fight Enders training program. According to the program’s official website, he is the founder of The Self Defense Company that provides live and online coaching on mastering self-defense methods.

    The site also mentions the qualifications of Ross that includes 4th Degree Black Belt Tekken Ryu Jujutsu and Combatives under Carl Cestari, New Jersey Starts Champion Judo – Black Belt Division, etc.

    The Self Defense Company is found to have the motto- ‘you don’t need a black belt’ implying that anyone can master quality defense techniques without having to spend loads of time, money, and effort on practicing martial arts. And these methods are compiled in the One Shot Fight Enders self-defense video program.

    One Shot Fight Enders Founder

    What is included in the 60 Minute Self Defense Training Pack?

    The One Shot Fight Enders reviews here share what does this self-defense program actually includes. They are as follows:

    ➡️How to exploit the 3 things feared by every attacker?

    ➡️Ways to control the pillars of self-defense to defeat your attacker.

    ➡️Ground fighting without knowing how to grapple.

    ➡️How to maximize the body’s natural weapons?

    ➡️Incapacitate bigger and stronger attackers instantly by shocking their central nervous system.

    These methods are meant to strengthen your body and increase your alertness to guard yourself and your loved ones from attackers. You are expected to gain complete control of your attacker and successfully defeat them at ease.

    Each of the techniques in One Shot Fight Enders improves your muscle strength as well as your awareness of your surroundings to take the right action at the right time. 

    Does it really Help You in Self Defense?

    The techniques prescribed in the One Shot Fight Enders training program ensure that you can easily identify the weak spots of your attacker and fight back with full force, defeating them within a short time. The program ensures to make you well versed in ground fighting even if you don’t have any basic knowledge.

    As per the creator, One Shot Fight Enders video trains you to defend and protect yourself in 60 minutes. When you practice these techniques every day, your defense mechanism naturally increases, enabling you to effectively combat your attacker, allowing you to protect yourself and your loved ones from any harm.

    Nonetheless, the effectiveness of this One Shot Fight Enders 60-minute training pack is dependant on how well you have practiced.

    One Shot Fight Enders Working

    What’s to like & What’s not to like

    If you have read other One Shot Fight Enders reviews, you may notice that most of them are pretty similar to an advertorial.

    This is why, in this review, I have included everything that I could find on this training program, and that means the drawbacks as well. Here are the top pros and cons of One Shot Fight Enders program;

    What’s to like

    • Affordable price.
    • 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • Easy to follow techniques.
    • 3 free bonuses.
    • Instant access due to digital format.
    • Expert advice.

    What’s not to like

    • Individual results may vary.

    One Shot Fight Enders Customer Reviews and Complaints

    The official website of One Shot Fight Enders 60 minute self-defense training video provides a series of customer feedback, where most are positive. Based on some of the authentic One Shot Fight Enders reviews and from my own research, there are no complaints reported against this program.

    However, I did contact 3 real-life users of One Shot Fight Enders, and here is what they told me;

    • Amanda Henry, Texas

    I have just started using One Shot Fight Enders training pack for a few weeks now and I can feel already energetic! I have been regular with my practice and I am more confident in going out. One Shot Fight Enders has truly made me a different person. Thank you Self Defense Company!

    • Tom McPherson, Washington

    The methods in the One Shot Fight Enders have got what it takes to fully defeat anyone who strikes you. I am surprised at how well I learned the methods as they have been pretty easy to follow. Even better is how affordable this is. I have recommended One Shot Fight Enders to my friends and family.

    • Billy Jefferson, Michigan

    As someone who has only stepped into the field of combat, I never imagined that I would master self-protection skills in such a short time. Ross’s classes are really good and the techniques truly do the job and are so simple too. I am excited to see the results after a couple of months. Will surely make an update!

    One Shot Fight Enders Pricing

    One Shot Fight Enders online self-defense training pack is sold at a one-time cost of $37 on its official website. As this is a video training program, you can access it immediately after payment. Make sure that you fill in the details correctly.

    Do they offer a Money Back Guarantee?

    A 30 day 100% money-back guarantee is offered for One Shot Fight Enders. So if you are not happy or satisfied with the results, a full refund will be given at zero hassle.

    One Shot Fight Enders Bonuses

    There are 3 free bonuses given along with One Shot Fight Enders training video and they are;

    🔺Bonus#1: Self Defense Library: Here, you will find various articles, print manuals, and century-old books that talk about modern warfare. These can help you develop knowledge on the defense tools and how you can use them.

    One Shot Fight Enders Bonus 1

    🔺Bonus#2: The Aware Course: Just as the name suggests, The Aware Course teaches you to maximize your awareness at all times. You will learn about the tools that you can carry for self-protection, tactical driving, and how you can negotiate during your defense scenario in a public setting.

    One Shot Fight Enders Bonus 2

    🔺Bonus#3: The Power Circuit Training: This one includes the most important fighting techniques of the program. They are designed into a training routine, where the steps are easy to follow. The Power Circuit Training is said to not only increase your defense skills but also make you prepared to fight.

    One Shot Fight Enders Bonus 3

    Our Final Take on One Shot Fight Enders Reviews

    Overall, it can be said that the One Shot Fight Enders self-defense program is a cost-effective way to master pro-defense skills, provided you practice the techniques mentioned as instructed. Although One Shot Fight Enders has only entered the market recently, the program seems to be a success for a vast majority of its users so far.

    The official website of One Shot Fight Enders video program shows that over 10,245 programs have been sold which shows that it may work for anyone. The program is available on its official website given in the One Shot Fight Enders reviews.

    Men and women across America state that the free bonuses were helpful in improving their defensive skills. But at the end of the day, as I have said before, to see the results that you are looking for, the techniques in One Shot Fight Enders have to be practiced accordingly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to use One Shot Fight Enders?

    One Shot Fight Enders training program comes with easy-to-follow instructions on each defense technique.

    What if One Shot Fight Enders does not work for me?

    A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided for One Shot Fight Enders. Moreover, the majority of those who used the program reports having successfully mastered pro fighting skills. Hence, chances are low that it may not work for you as well.

    How to access One Shot Fight Enders?

    You can buy One Shot Fight Enders from its official website. Once the payment process is complete, the 60-minute video training program can be immediately accessed.

    What are the bonuses in One Shot Fight Enders?

    You will get 3 bonuses with One Shot Fight Enders- Self Defense Library, The Aware Course, and The Power Circuit Training.

    Who can try the One Shot Fight Enders training program?

    One Shot Fight Enders can be used by adult men and women of any age.


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