Opinion Polls Find Majority In Support Of The Unvaccinated Wearing Masks In Schools

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 5, 2021

There was a report of a poll conducted by Gallup which found that 60% of parents of school-going children agreed with unvaccinated teachers and school staff wearing masks indoors. This poll also found that 66% of all adults are in favour of mask mandates for all unvaccinated people in schools.

Gallup is a Washington DC-based organisation that specialises in opinion polls. The company was founded by George Gallup in 1901 as the American Institute of Public opinion. The Gallup company is known for its opinion polls that are conducted worldwide and findings shared with companies and governments all over the world.

 The Gallup poll, however, found a lower percentage at 57% of parents favouring unvaccinated children to wear masks. The poll, however, did not mention any results of people voting for masks for the vaccinated.

Opinion Polls Find Majority In Support Of The Unvaccinated Wearing Masks In Schools

64% of adults and 57% of parents across the United States favour the wearing of masks by unvaccinated children in schools.

The poll found a lower percentage (47%) of parents of school-going children supporting compulsory vaccination for children while 60% of adults were found to be in favour.

Opinion Polls Find Majority In Support Of The Unvaccinated Wearing Masks In Schools

Presently the vaccines for protection against coronavirus are only allowed in children from the age of 12 and above. The parents of these children were found to be in favour of them wearing masks in school.

The Gallup poll was conducted just after the Centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) issued a mandate that even the vaccinated must wear masks indoors and in areas of high transmission of the Sars-COV-2 virus. It has, however, just been reported that the State of Ohio has asked schools within the state not to make the wearing of masks mandatory. The states of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi are also against any such mandates.

The poll also showed wide variation in the opinions for mandatory wearing of masks. 84% of parents of vaccinated children feel that unvaccinated children must be made to wear masks in school while only 35% of the parents of unvaccinated children feel that unvaccinated children must be made to wear masks.

With so much resistance and difference of opinion, the government, as well as health officials, are having a difficult time getting people to be vaccinated as well as getting people to wear masks. The CDC as well as the US President has made issued successive notifications to the people of the United States to get themselves vaccinated as well as follow masking protocols.

Data from the John Hopkins University is showing that cases are beginning to rise to an unprecedented 80,000 on a 7-day week average as priorities regarding vaccination and following of covid-19 protocol continues to be divided politically across the United States.

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There are several factors that are adding to the crisis. Children below the age of 12 years have still not been cleared for vaccination. Large quantities of vaccines are approaching their expiry dates as there is a mandatory 8-week wait between 2 doses for best results. Vaccines with just one-month shelf life had been selected while the gap between 2 doses was increased. Vaccines are falling short just when people are coming up for vaccination. These vaccines can be saved from expiration by vaccinating first-time individuals.

Another woe is the new finding of the limited efficacy of administered vaccines and vaccine companies are looking for a third booster dose for better immunisation.

Gallup will need to focus on a more realistic poll if it wants to draw more attention to the results of its polls and help the authorities to use the poll findings effectively for targeting action.

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