Pandemic Stress Causes Paranoia!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 24, 2021

Pandemic Paranoia is real, say scientists. But you don’t have to let it overpower you.

Paranoia, according to Healthline. Is a condition where the patient starts suspecting others for no reason. Someone suffering from this condition will always feel that someone is after him. He may begin to fear physical harm even when he is safe.

People suffering from dementia may show signs of paranoia. It can also be a personality disorder. Its symptoms can either be moderate or severe.

Sometimes, it may appear overwhelming. It may or may not accompany a mental disorder. At other times, such thoughts can even overwhelm a person without any particular mental disorder.

Pandemic Stress Causes Paranoia!

Today’s uncertainty and stress combine with the misinformation media circulate to create a sense of panic. And people find it difficult to find peace. Such a situation can lead to paranoid thoughts, point out health officials. 

The isolation the pandemic creates leads to aggressive behavior and worry. Having paranoid thoughts is just a part of it. COVID 19 pandemic can even created economic uncertainty. People always worry about a situation where they will lose their livelihood. And it is for a good reason.

Thousands have lost their jobs in the country. The lack of involvement of established institutions like the US Government in disseminating misinformation makes people mistrust media.

Pandemic Stress Causes Paranoia!

The unacceptably long lockdown that happened due to mismanagement and the consequent social disorder have made the year worse than the Great Depression. The persisting homelessness, inequity, hunger, lack of employment and hopelessness have already increased suicide, drug abuse, addiction, depression and homicides; he; scientists point out.

In the meantime, a large section of the population is now encouraged. They avoid reality. When a person is detached from reality, paranoid thoughts naturally occur. This happens because evidences continue to attack fallacies.

Another doctor even describes his experience. He says that paranoia is a part of his life. One of his parents had a severe form of paranoia. He always wondered whether the information that he receives is real or just a fantasy. He has always known how paranoia can affect a person’s reality.

And he has always fought not to become someone incapable of drawing the line between reality and fiction. He even has inherited the habit of always imagining the worst-case scenario. For a majority of people, such an image is depressing. But for him, it is how he prepares himself for the worst to come.

This is the reason why he stocked up on N95 masks and toilet papers. Even his wife used to ask him not to panic. She never felt COVID 19 will hit the US. Even then, he has learned to acknowledge when anxiety seizes him. He tries to swallow it like a giant thing that doesn’t sit in his throat, but something that will pass through.

The first step of overcoming paranoia is the willingness to acknowledge it. Remedies may range from self-help to requesting professional help.

But then, it depends on the severity of your symptoms and the extent of its interference in your ability to function normally. Your ability to fight off paranoia depends on your ability to communicate it with your support network.

Planting a thought like seed and letting it grow giving it the water and sunshine is an easy job. You can do it even when facts and evidences go against it.

Fighting off paranoia, fortunately, is not that difficult. Just make sure that it is not part of a mental disorder or a medical condition. Done this, acknowledge your paranoid thoughts. With this, you can outline a healthy routine you feel will work for you.

Spend more time to connect with your inner self, spend time with friends on social media, proper sleep and a balanced diet will help a lot.

Lastly, remember one thing, a healthy paranoia is good. It helps you remain alert and take precautionary measures if required.

Nikki Attkisson

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