Pandemic Stress Leading Teens To Eating Disorders

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : May 25, 2021

The conditions are going worse to no one’s surprise people are finding it very difficult to find hospital beds for them regardless of their health condition. So when it comes to teenagers and adults who have been suffering from eating disorders for quite some time are also unable to find any help. It is observed that conditions of binge eating are increasing every day from the start of this pandemic. 

Pandemic Stress Leading Teens To Eating Disorders

Jennifer Wildes, Director, University of Chicago Medicine associate psychiatry professor also at the same time have shared with us that the increase in the number of people suffering from binge eating is definitely just double from the previous numbers she also added that due to pandemic patients suffering from it find it very difficult to get psychiatric therapies and meditation also sometimes it takes them almost few months which was only some weeks in pre-covid-19 situations.

Pandemic Stress Leading Teens To Eating Disorders

The University of Minnesota where there was the conduct of Emily Program also experiencing the same thing that number of patients is just doubled for the eating disorders treatment program which is disheartening.

Dietitian Jillian Lampert, who is the chief strategist of the program says that the patient count was 60 in 2019 and now is 130 from the covid-19 outbreak. The reason for it could be anxiety and isolation as they play a vital role in binge eating disorders.

Lampert also said that healthy eating mindset of individual especially teenagers have disturbed to a greater extent some of them either feel that they have lost control on their life and cope up with this by binge eating whereas some have stick to the fact no weight gain in the pandemic and are reducing their diet to an amount of causing anorexia.

Also, the programs have shifted to teletherapy counseling due to the outbreak of the pandemic teenagers adults and sometimes even small children suffer from this more often they are females than males.

Peyton Crest a girl from Minnetonka, Minnesota who is only 18 was suffering from anorexia due to the stress and tension which she has built up during the isolation and the pandemic period being away from all his friends who were supportive to her always and sitting in a room alone had made her decision to not to eat anything.

It started affecting her in a very drastic way after observing all this she had obtained for the therapies which made her recover and now when offline classes resume things are much better and she had finally come out of this situation. The very unfortunate thing is that this was just another example many teenagers are going through the same state of mind.

Bulimia is an eating disorder in which one binge on food to reduce stress and the other one is anorexia in which an individual completely quit eating or eat very little. Both conditions have a very harsh effect on an individual. Dr. Dave Little is a family physician and researcher at Epic he has concluded that the hard time which is faced due to the covid-19 pandemic and a state of being isolated and not interacting with many people have affected everyone and especially the teenagers who are high on energy and are like birds who want to explore the world mix very difficult for them to survive this situation.

But this all can be dealt with by not leaving the teenagers alone they can connect to friends and family through video calls, doing activities that keep them happy, practising yoga, meditation and exercise, being positive will ultimately rescue them from all the negativity outside.

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