To Avoid Parkinson’s Disease Energy Of A Cell Should Be Recycled

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 10, 2021

According to a new study, scientists and researchers are looking into the mechanism of living cells which are tended to be mastered for recycling. At a constant, the breaking down of older parts is built up for backing up the molecular machines.

Researchers are having closer looks at the process of the life cycle to generate the cellular energy from power plants, this is known as mitochondria situated in brain cells. They show the mechanism of genes on Parkinson’s disease.

To Avoid Parkinson’s Disease Energy Of A Cell Should Be Recycled

On this note, this study work includes unprecedented insights into the life cycle of mitochondria. They studied to know how to recycle by only key proteins on mutations that might cause Parkinson’s disease. This research took a long for them but the results are truly appreciated by the experts in the medical community. This type of research can help to have a longer lifespan for people. However, there are many more things yet to be researched and the team is continuing with the same.

To Avoid Parkinson’s Disease Energy Of A Cell Should Be Recycled

Gladstone is the lead researcher of this study he states that “this study suggests the recycling process of mitochondria which is very critical to maintain its health as well as disruptions on the contribution process of neurodegeneration. If the same can be controlled it can provide better and expected results in most of the cases he added while addressing the community.

On the other part of the study, “breaking down of damaged mitochondria is the well-known process for decomposition called as mitophagy” this initiated two proteins named parkin, and PINK1. 

Researchers say that “the mutations of some proteins are caused due to the Parkinson’s disease of its hereditary forms” whereas; the role of Parkin and PINK1 are studies heavily to find the mitophagy and its cell types.

Certainly, the neurons are having higher energy needs with mitochondria which are more resistant for degradation of Parkinson’s disease among other types of cells. 

Based on the new study, the researcher team had followed the mitochondria process which lives inside the neurons to study and examine the Parkin and PINK1 effects.

On this point, the study says that mitochondria are small in size which moves inside the cells and fuse with other cells, and then splits up into two parts, where this process works on a difficult track.

Zak Doric states that “we are working on the development of new tracks within individual mitochondria from longer periods in time” this follows the technique for running the quiet challenges of this study.

Scientists are using different methods to allow the generation of normal mitochondria which makes them delicate and easy to watch under a microscope.

New kinds of recyclings were found where researchers had examined the mitophagy phases for monitoring the mitochondria process within Mito lysosomes. 

Scientists had assumed the process of Mito lysosomes which breaks the molecules where cells get an ability to reuse for the reconstruction of mitochondria from the scratch.  

But researcher team has shown that Mito lysosomes are survived inside the cells for hours whereas; some of them are engulfed within healthy mitochondria. Some mitochondria had sudden bursts which release the content of the interior formation of the cell. 

Huihui Li is the co-author of this study, stated that “this process has appeared as a new quality of mitochondria under control of the recycling system” this process had uncovered the pathways of recycling.

This study advances the understanding of key factors of Parkinson’s disease proteins which are tended to degrade and then recycle the mitochondria

Further studies are required to investigate the pathways of the contribution of Parkinson’s disease, say, researchers.

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