Pediatricians’ Tips On A Safe and Kid-friendly Halloween

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 27, 2021

America is still reeling under COVID 19 surges from time to time. Thus parents are required to plan well in advance to ensure a safe Halloween for their children.

Everyone above the age of 12 is eligible to receive COVID 19 vaccination. But a vast majority of children still remain unvaccinated. Those below 12, however, are not yet eligible for it.

Pediatricians’ Tips On A Safe and Kid-friendly Halloween

In the previous year, certain families chose movie nights.  Some opted for online costume parties and others built candy delivering shoots to ensure social distancing.

Parents don’t have to make elaborate preparations to celebrate Halloween this year. But health experts remind that they should do everything to keep the country’s success in the previous year.

Pediatricians’ Tips On A Safe and Kid-friendly Halloween

They recommend that gatherings be small and parties be organized outdoors to the maximum. Trick-or-treats should be limited to small groups. And children should stay outdoors. Doing so minimizes the possibility of the transmission of the virus. Furthermore, kids should not be allowed to organize large gatherings. Parents also need to make sure that kids don’t gather near the front door or in the driveway.

When distributing treats, see to it that you are sitting outside your home. Treats should be lined up in packages on the table. Let them take as they need. Treats like pencils, stickers, glow sticks, and removable tattoos would do wonders for children with allergies.

If you plan to take children below 12 years of age, make sure that they wear their masks and maintain social distance. See to it that the mask covers the mouth and nose and sits comfortably at the sides of the face. There should not be any gap in between.

In places where the rate of COVID 19 transmission is high, everyone should have their masks on even indoors irrespective of their vaccination status.

Health officials also remind that a costume mask does not substitute its cloth variant when it comes to protection from COVID 19.

When your children come home after their trick-or-treat trip, they need to thoroughly clean their hands. Parents should inspect their treats. Make sure that not even a single package is torn or damaged in any manner. They should also throw away homemade treats made for it.

The most effective way to protect children from COVID 19 is to begin the preparations at home. Make sure that everyone eligible for vaccination is getting the same. This adds up to the protection your family has. Combine it with masking and social distancing; you can celebrate Halloween in peace.

Given below are a few tips that are sure to help you out in this regard:

  • Go for light-colored costumes for your children
  • See to it that the costume fits well for your child. This eliminates the possibility of trips and falls. You should also refrain from giving children high-heeled and oversized shoes, long caps and long dresses.
  • Take weather in account when dressing up your child. Include layers if required.

If your children want to go without adult supervision:

  • See to it that they are in a group of at least three.
  • Give a cell-phone or a flashlight to children when they go out at night.
  • Instruct your children not to have anything until they return home.

If you are a homeowner, see to it that your outdoor light is on all through the night. This prevents any child from tripping when coming to your home. And don’t forget to replace those burnt-out bulbs.

See to it that your driveway is clean. Wet leaves and other stuff may cause trouble for children. Using alternatives like battery-operated candles and artificial lights in your pumpkin is generally recommended. When doing so, you eliminate the dangers of a lighted candle.

Certain shops also offer alternatives for the age-old trick-or-treat. Try them.

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