Pence To Attend Biden’s Inauguration On January 20

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 12, 2021

The inauguration of Joe Biden that is all set to happen on Jan 20 will not have the attendance of Donald Trump.

The President has said that he is not interested in attending the swearing-in ceremony of Biden. Trump is the only President in the last 152 years to skip the inauguration event of the incoming president.

Pence To Attend Biden’s Inauguration On January 20

Even Biden said that he was not surprised with the decision of Trump. However, several leaders and historians criticized Trump for not following the traditions of the White House.

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Biden added that he would welcome Mike Pence for the event and honored to have his presence during the swearing-in ceremony.

Vice President Mike Pence said that he will attend the inauguration of Joe Biden on Jan 20. In recent weeks, Pence has faced a lot of criticism from several Republicans and Trump supporters for not following the instructions of Trump with regards to rejecting the election results.

Trump wanted Pence to reject the results of the election as Congress held the joint committee meeting to formalize the victory of Biden in the US presidential elections. However, Pence had indicated that he had no power to reject the votes.

The inauguration committee has said that they plan to keep the event a low key affair keeping in mind the covid restrictions.

Usually, the event attracts a large crowd, and visitors come in from all corners of the country. However, they have restricted access to visitors and only those with valid passes will be allowed for the event. The committee expects that only a couple of thousand members will be allowed for the swearing-in ceremony.

Apart from the regular arrangements, the security has been beefed up considering the violence that happened recently at the US Capitol.

The security agencies are working hard to manage the crowds and only authorized people will be allowed to participate in the event.

The shows are also going virtual this year due to covid restrictions. Several artists and entertainers are selected for the events and authorities are making all the arrangements in this regard.

In this way, everyone can get to participate in virtual events without coming to the venue. Biden has also requested people to watch the event from home and avoid coming to the location.

The authorities also said that they are making the seating arrangements keeping in mind social distancing guidelines. The event will be telecast across television and other mediums.

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