People Lie On The Floor Awaiting Treatment In Florida

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 24, 2021

The Jacksonville city rushed this week to increase wheelchairs at state-run web centers giving treatment of Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody for COVID-19, after a flock of patients were required to get admitted. The city revealed the attempt when asked about a picture taken on Wednesday at the website online of the town’s public library, which confirmed a female, lying down on the floor, as she waited for her turn for treatment.

People Lie On The Floor Awaiting Treatment In Florida

Louie Lopez took the picture on Wednesday and informed ABC news that the lady lying on the ground, and apparently some other person pictured in the same way seemed very sick. Lopez said these people came and felt terrible. He added that staff members addressed the woman’s issue and covered her with a cloth to warm her up. They later took her inside in a wheelchair.

People Lie On The Floor Awaiting Treatment In Florida

Lopez said that he was surprised that he was taken in and treated earlier than either of the people who had been lying on the ground, despite the fact that his only symptom was a headache. The city’s spokesperson showed to ABC News that, the organizers at the center the woman is shown lying down was awaiting Regeneron’s antibody treatment.

The Gov of Florida DeSantis has always supported the monoclonal antibodies. He was moving around the state to motivate people into getting this treatment if they test positive, amidst hundreds and thousands of hospitals across the country struggling to meet the ends of patients.

The governor’s press secretary, Christina Pushaw, told ABC News that the governor’s message is clear. Pushaw added that every time the governor spoke publicly on the issue, he has emphasized the importance of getting early treatment to prevent the risk of hospitalizations.

The state has reported around 17,000 coronavirus cases and the health officials of Florida are warning people to take preventive measures as the hospitals are running out of space to admit new patients. Federal data says that less than 7% of ICU beds are available.

The site was opened last Tuesday, but officials said that the number of patients is doubling. The city spokesperson, Nikki Kimbleton, wrote in a statement that in order to meet the ends, officials from state and local governments are giving three times more seating arrangements for people waiting and the number of wheelchairs.

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Florida Department of Health’s spokesperson Weesam Khoury said the Florida sites providing monoclonal antibody treatment are not overrun. Khoury added that the state will provide its best resources to the Floridians who require it. Khoury also added that the state is not overburdened and they will continue to distribute resources. The state has enough cots, wheelchairs, and ambulance services.

DeSantis along with other officials emphasize the need to get Regeneron treatment before their symptoms get severe. Khoury said that there are several patients who get admitted after they get extremely serious. Their protocol says that if a person is at a point of requiring medical assistance and hospitalization, the on-site medical professionals will refer ambulatory services to them.

Khoury explained that if the patients are in a condition where they’re too ahead of that monoclonal antibody treatment will not affect them, the patients will have to call ambulances to get to the hospitals. He also added that the only and the best way that one can protect themselves from the coronavirus is by getting vaccinated.

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