Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews – Best Insurance Plan For Your Pet?

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Petplan Pet Insurance offers you low-cost insurance for your dogs and cats in case of accidents. The insurance is provided by Petplan company which was founded in 2003 by a young couple. The company has been at the receiving end of several awards and has featured in various channels. Thousands of pet parents have turned to their insurance and found help in covering any health cost for their pet buddy. The claims are of various levels and are different for dogs and cats. You will also get an idea of how this insurance plan can easily be claimed as you keep reading this Petplan Pet Insurance review. 

Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews – All You Need To Know About This Insurance Plan!

In this Petplan Pet Insurance review you will be reading more about the plan, how it shall benefit you, what are the different claims, how you can apply for an insurance claim, and much more. I will also brief you on how much you will have to invest if you want to protect your pet with the insurance. 

Pet plan insurance reviews
Product NamePetplan Pet Insurance
Main BenefitsOffer a varied range of insurance for your cats or dogs.
SpecificationInsurance plan for pets
CategoryPet Care
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Petplan Pet Insurance?

Petplan Pet Insurance helps you cover up to 90% of your pet’s vet bills. They offer a varied range of insurance for your cats or dogs. These packages are the most comprehensible and affordable and cover almost all sorts of accidents and illnesses that could occur.

The couple experienced firsthand what it was to be left without insurance when their pet cat was sick and ended up having them pay a $5000 vet bill.

Petplan Pet Insurance is personalized and so it varies between pets. This is based on various factors including breed, place, reimbursement, age, etc. 

The plans include examination fees, dental treatment fees in a comprehensive method, and also breed-specific conditions. The company’s mission is to provide healthier, happier lives for your pets and peace of mind for you by providing the most comprehensive coverage in one single plan. 

The treatment includes a holistic variety. For instance, as long as it is a licensed practitioner you can receive insurance even if it is homeopathy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and laser therapy that you opt for.

What Is Included In Petplan Pet Insurance?

Almost all cases of accidents and sickness are included in the plan. The plans also have a holistic approach and hence there are very rare cases you will not be able to claim for your insurance. The below list will help you have a better idea of what is included in the coverage.

  • Any kind of accidental injuries or illness.
  • Veterinary exam fee
  • All kinds of diagnostic tests.
  • Cancer treatments
  • Non-routine dental check-up
  • Surgery and post-op or rehabilitation services.
  • Ultrasound and other scannings.
  • Curable Medical Conditions
  • Physical therapy like massage, electrical stimulation, hydrotherapy, etc.
  • Behavioral disorders that are different from the normal routine
  • Supplements including prescriptions, herbal medicines, vitamins, etc. 

This is merely a gist of what is covered under their plan. There are several more to be listed and those are mentioned on their official website. 

Petplan Pet Insurance working

What Is Not Covered In The Petplan Pet Insurance?

There are a few conditions that are not covered in the plans and they are as follows. 

  • Pre-Existing Conditions 
  • Routine And Wellness Care
  • Elective Procedures
  • Liability Coverage

How Does Petplan Pet Insurance Work?

There are only three steps to follow to apply for your pet insurance. These are very simple and easy to process. The steps have been explained below.

  • Visit Your Vet – Get the necessary treatment for your pet. These include specialists as well as clinics.
  • Submit Your Claim – Once you have treated your pet, collect the important documents and file a claim with Petplan Pet Insurance. 
  • Reimbursement – Once the claim is submitted the company will take forward from there. They will look into your details and initiate the process of reimbursing your money. 

Petplan Pet Insurance Benefits

  • Provides you with a personalized experience to chose a plan fit for your pet.
  • Helps your pet even in adverse events such as cancellation of a trip because your pet fell ill.
  • The plans are available even for older pets unlike other insurance companies.
  • It also covers your vet exam fees and consultation both offline as well as virtual.
  • Comes with a comprehensible dental plan that includes all of the dental care and not categorizing it into different parts.. 
  • Covers up to 90% of the vet bills.
  • Easy to apply and claim.

Petplan Pet Insurance For Your Dogs

The insurance plan designed for your dog can be customized according to various factors of your dog. These include features like the breed of your dog, how old your dog is, annual coverage, and a few others.

Any dog above 6 weeks old can claim insurance with Petplan Pet Insurance.

The insurance cost for your pet is derived depending on various factors related to your dog. Hence you can customize the pet’s insurance accordingly.

Given below is the list of factors that are considered.

  • Your dog’s age
  • Annual Coverage
  • Your Dog’s Breed
  • Reimbursement Levels
  • Your Location
  • Annual Deductible

Petplan Pet Insurance For Cats

Your cats are also provided insurance under Petplan Pet Insurance. The cats have personalized insurance depending on the features similar to the dogs. They take in kittens as well as matured felines. 

Special Features Of Petplan Pet Insurance

  • Vacation Cancellation Policy – If you end up having to cancel your vacation plans because your dog or cat got into an accident or fell sick, the company will help you with the reimbursement of travel and accommodation up to your annual limits.
  • Advertising and Reward – If your pet is missing, the company will aid you with the money needed for advertising. They also have a reimbursement option for what they call a “reasonable reward”. What you have to do is notify the five nearest vet clinics as well as file a complaint to the police registering the last seen details of your pet. 
  • Lost Or Theft – There can be chances of stealing or not recovering a missing pet. In such cases, you can always apply for a reimbursement. You will either be given a flat of $150 if you do not have documents to prove how much you paid at the time of adopting your pet. Or you will be given an amount lesser than the humane society adoption fee. 
  • Death of Your Pet – Due to injuries or illnesses your pet may not make it anymore and this can be a very unfortunate situation. You will be reimbursed an amount with conditions similar to when your dog is stolen or lost. 
  • Holistic Treatments – If you have been treating your pet through holistic therapies like homeopathy, hydropathy, acupuncture, laser treatment, etc. you can avail insurance for these treatments, provided the practitioner is licensed. 
  • Online Vet Consultation – No need to worry, if you wish to treat your pet online either through text or video or even a call. The company provides up to $1000 reimbursement for a virtual consultation with no deductible or copay.
Petplan Pet Insurance customer reviews

Pricing Packages Under Petplan Pet Insurance

Based on various Petplan Pet Insurance reviews, there is one single policy that is available under PetPlan Insurance. These monthly premiums are based on the features of your dog or cat.

If your pet is 10 years or above then you can claim for a policy of annual limit of $15000, $759 deductible, and 70% reimbursement for covered services.

There are three options for annual limits which are $2500, $15000, or unlimited. Your premium will be lower depending on the lower annual limit you chose.

Annual deductibles come in the range of $250, $300, and $500 while the reimbursements come in 70%, 80%, and 90%. Your monthly premium will be the lowest depending on how low your reimbursement is and higher your deductible is. 

Final Verdict

If you are a newbie pet owner or someone who has been a pet parent for a long time, you would have had times when you found it hard to meet up your pet care expenses.

Taking up reasonable and affordable insurance becomes a must. As said in the Petplan Pet Insurance review, With PetPlan Pet Insurance you can customize a premium that fits your pet according to their breed, age, annual deductible, etc.

This way you can get up to 90% of the expenses covered. They even include older pets and have Covid-19 insurance policies.

A personalized policy that has special features such as Comprehensive Dental Plans, Virtual Vet Visit plans, Boarding Fees, Holistic Treatments, etc.

On a whole, the PetPlan Pet Insurance seems like an ideal policy for someone who wishes to invest in an affordable and personalized insurance plan.

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