Pfizer Shots Protect Kids From Severe Covid Even In Omicron

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 3, 2022

For the last two years, there have been no vaccines for children, but now some doctors have invented one. The new vaccine shots were developed for children in the age group of 5–11 years. It will protect children from omicrons. Pfizer shots have been developed by scientists to protect children from this virus.

Pfizer Shots Protect Kids From Severe Covid Even In Omicron

Now the question is whether this vaccine is effective or not. Scientists have thought that this vaccine might not be practical for youngsters. The parents are not willing to take risks with their children’s life.

Pfizer Shots Protect Kids From Severe Covid Even In Omicron

But the CDC states that neither the vaccine is less effective nor the children’s age is a problem. This new variant of COVID-19 is a problem. Omicron is a very contagious virus. Pfizer shots are less effective if a person is hit by a very infectious virus. 

Pediatricians are doing everything they can to persuade parents to obtain this immunization.  Pediatricians also stated that the result of this vaccine will be confusing, but it will not be harmful. Parents need to understand that the Pfizer shot is essential for the health of their children. 

Even if a person is immunized, they may contract a mild omicron infection. People now have to live with that. Once you get vaccinated the chances of getting infected with the virus are reduced to some extent, also the new variant is mainly affecting youngsters, so the Pediatricians are laying great stress on getting vaccinated.   

According to the CDC, there were nine fatalities associated with COVID-19 among vaccinated children in the 5 to 17 age group between April and early January, compared to 121 deaths among those children who were not vaccinated at the same age.

According to the CDC, the new Pfizer shot is 74% effective for children aged 5–11 years and aids in their recovery from this virus. The American government is providing a facility of free Covid test for its subject. 

Only two vaccinated children were hospitalized, as compared to 59 children who were vaccinated at all. This new Pfizer shot is 95% effective for children in the age group of 12–17 years.

The new variant of COVID-19, Omicron, is primarily affecting youngsters, while during the second wave of COVID-19, adolescents mainly were affected, US health officials reported on Tuesday.

Researchers from New York’s state health department studied health data week by week from early December to the end of January, according to a report issued Monday. By the peak of Omicron’s wave, vaccine efficacy against any COVID-19 infection had decreased from 68 percent to barely 12 percent. However, for children with age 12 and up, the efficiency plummeted to only 51%.

The Pfizer shot is only available for American children. Children of the age group of 5–11 years will get a ⅓ amount compared to the dose of 12 and above.

Children between the ages of 5 to 11 years are more likely to get infected with Omicron by 1.3 times than vaccinated children. Similarly, vaccinated children over 12 years have a risk of catching the Omicron virus by 1.5 times as compared to children who have already been vaccinated. 

Because Pfizer shots do not reduce the risk of infection, researchers are still experimenting to develop a more effective vaccine. There is a high chance that vaccinated children may still get affected by Omicron, and the recovery rate is not that impressive.

Pediatricians continue to advise parents to take their child for a shot because anything is better than nothing. The vaccine may save their children from getting hospitalized. Hence, it will help them to stay away from this disease and remain alive without any hindrance.

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