Piano Marvel Reviews- An Interactive Technique To Learn Piano?

John Furrier | Last Updated : November 4, 2020

Here is my honest Piano Marvel review. The tranquil environment of the concert hall filled with the melodious tunes of a piano, the serene expressions of the pianist, or the silence that fills the aisles for a few nanoseconds between the notes is a divine sight to witness.

Piano Marvel Reviews– Effective Online Music Instructor!

Several people have been attracted by such glimpses and dreamt about becoming a pianist. But, life is not just about dreaming.

Thankfully, digitalization has entered into every aspect of our life, even into the abstract subjects of art and music.

Thus, various apps are available in the market to train people for playing musical instruments. One such website is Piano Marvel, into the scenario.

It provides facilities to people around the globe to learn the basics of a piano over the internet.

Piano Marvel reviews
Product NamePiano Marvel
Main BenefitsHelps to learn the piano and make music, seated at the comfort of your home.
CreatorAaron Marvel
AvailabiltyOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Piano Marvel?

Going through Piano Marvel review and understanding its teaching method will make you realize that Piano Marvel is your online music instructor.

You don’t get late for your classes because of traffic situations or sit at the roadside bench for hours waiting for the rain to leave anymore.

Now, you can learn the piano and make music from scratch, seated at the comfort of your home. You can opt for real teachers or online lectures.

The most significant feature of this website is its interactive teaching tools that can combine cutting-edge technology with a solid platform.

As per Piano Marvel reviews, the teachers track the progress of each of their students’ progress and practice using tools provided on this website.

The scores gained by the students help them to earn gold, silver, and bronze trophies—the exercises and songs of this website challenge people of all ages and intellectual abilities.

Because it is just like any ordinary video game, this online tutorial is exciting and addictive.

The short piano lectures, compared to the long ones of its competitors, makes it one of the most famous pianos learning online tutorial websites over the internet.

About the creator

A piano instructor, Aaron Marvel, spent years developing and composed a suitable teaching method for Piano Marvel.

He completed his master’s in piano performance and pedagogy from the same university.

He graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Colorado in 1998.

Aaron Marvel launched the website on March 26, 2009, after testing the methods on his piano students.

Aaron noticed the fixation of the younger generation over the latest technologies, gadgets, video games, and computers and decided to tap the virtual world to take music to every doorstep.

He aimed at teaching the young mind’s music while letting them have fun, thus, used such mediums for constructing mentally stimulating purposes.

How does Piano Marvel Works?

How to begin?

By reading Piano Marvel reviews, internet connection is a must for using this Piano Marvel website.

Along with it, one needs to connect their PC with a MIDI-capable keyboard or an acoustic piano equipped with a MIDI-recording system.

After plugging in the MIDI-controller, the computer needs to be configured with software after pressing the highest and lowest keys. This MIDI captures your progress.


Two kinds of lessons are induced into the website. Each course contains 30 lectures and 20 exercises.

Method Category

Introduces students to the theory of music that includes notations, hand position, finger placement, scales, and chords.

playground sessions review

Technique Category

By analyzing Piano Marvel reviews, includes exercises about chords, scales, ear training, and note recognition.

The software accesses the musical pieces. The staff notations would be described on the screen, and you will play along.

A red sign on notes would indicate mistakes. The line or space where the mistake was made would also be marked.

The music you need to learn is already provided on piano marvel. In case you don’t find what you want, you can email them to add the music.

A piece can also be broken into manageable sections to make learning easier. One can also control the accompaniment and tempo to learn a lesson.

Key Features of Piano Marvel

The reasons for such a large number of positive feedbacks from the customers is because of the following reasons:

  • The prizes and trophies awarded by this site allow one to be motivated for a more extended period.
  • By reading Piano Marvel reviews, Performance videos of people may help you learn and excite you at the same time.
  • Can be used by people of any age
  • Extensive standard sight-reading tests and ear training exercises are also provided.
  • Rhythm practice provided over here trains you to play the piano without piano marvel software.
  • A library full of songs and activities is provided for practice.
  • Switching on the book mode can help you play without a digital piano.
  • One can upload their songs on the Piano marvel and practice to play it.
  • The piano lessons can also be broken into small sections, so they are easier to learn.
piano marvel app

What you need to use Piano Marvel?

To use Piano Marvel, one needs the gadgets mentioned below:

  • A computer was having a RAM of 2GB or more.
  • USB/ MIDI cable that can connect the PC with the piano keyboard
  • Electric Keyboard or digital piano
  • High-speed internet connection
Piano Marvel customer reviews

Why was Piano Marvel designed?

After going through this Piano Marvel review, one must have wondered for what purposes this virtual instructor serves.

Below some points are mentioned for the same:

  • Using gaming style to teach the students piano and letting them practice for a more extended period
  • Teaching sight-reading, ear- training, chords, and scales by using tools
  • An expanding library stored with classics, its video performances, and printable scores.
  • As mentioned in Piano Marvel reviews, instant feedback assesses your account and allows you to correct your mistakes.

Pricing Plan of Piano Marvel

A person registering for the first time on this Piano Marvel website gets a free trial for one month.

This account includes:

  • 2000 exercises of Level 1
  • 50 songs that range from beginner to professional level
  • More than a hundred lesson videos
  • Sight-reading tests ( 3)
  • Goal tracking and score tracking tools
  • Reports of practice sessions

You can renew your account with a monthly or annual subscription. While the monthly succession costs $15.99, the annual one is priced at $110.99.

Most people prefer the monthly subscription as it is cheaper than other lessons (compare this price with flowkey or only piano review).

Moreover, many promotional keys available over the internet allow you to avail of the course at a monthly due of $12.99.

The monthly and annual subscription includes the following facilities:

  • About 1200 exercises for 1-6 levels
  • 1500 songs for Level 1-6
  • Sight Reading Tests nearly unlimited
  • More than 100 lesson videos
  • Reports of Practice Sessions
  • Goal tracking practice records
  • Support and instant feedback facilities
simply piano review

Where is Piano Marvel available?

Piano Marvel is available on its official website. One can create their account over here and begin learning the classes by taking the help of small video lectures.

It operates on Windows PC, Mac, and iPad. You can download this Piano Marvel app on Windows and Mac by going on the official website and clicking on “Launch Web App.”

The app has already been installed on the iPad. One needs to create their accounts to begin.

However, this Piano Marvel android version is not available in the market till now.

Piano Marvel Review- The Final Verdict

Learning anything new can be both challenging and adventurous at the same time. Learning to play musical instruments is a difficult task.

But imagine the first time you will listen to the tunes that you would create?

That melody will sound like the most soulful music of the earth, and it will never leave your heart.

We should be thankful to technology for providing us with such opportunities to learn new things.

There are indeed many piano teaching apps and websites in the market. But, this can be considered as one of the best products for beginners.

According to Piano Marvel reviews, this takes you from beginners to the intermediate level, which you may find insufficient.

But, if we go through the Reddit playground session review, we will realize that Piano Marvel provides a more thorough knowledge of the world of music.

Moreover, if one pays attention to the classes and videos, he can cover the basics over a few months.

Probably, it is one of the few apps available in the market that allows you to learn at your own pace and keeps you motivated at the same time.

Many people have found this Piano Marvel program to be useful. So if you want to learn piano via online mode, you can give this Piano Marvel a try.

Although someone with a basic knowledge of piano may find this website boring at the beginning, as time passes by, his experiences reach a whole new level.

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