Pills Are A Better Option For Abortion Than Surgery

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 28, 2021

Abortion is a very serious and tough topic all around the US. It has been observed that 40% of all abortions in the US are medication abortions. This is much simpler than any surgery as the pills can be even consumed at home. This has become quite an important option during the covid 19 pandemic wherein going to the hospital is not quite safe and pills can be consumed at home after doctors’ prescription.

Pills Are A Better Option For Abortion Than Surgery

 Medication abortion has been in the US for a long time mainly since 2000 when the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the use of mifepristone for abortion. Many of the republican states have moved forward to stop abortion altogether the pharma companies claim that the pills are quite safe and there are no issues related to using them.

Pills Are A Better Option For Abortion Than Surgery

Medication abortion consists of taking 2 pills in a given order. Women should first take mifepristone and then wait for around 24 to 48 hours and then takes misoprostol. The main use of mifepristone is to block the hormone progesterone which is used to suppress the pregnancy. The second pill misoprostol empties the women`s uterus by causing bleeding and cramping. It is to be noted that there might be excessive bleeding depending upon person to person.

Both these pills can be used up to 10 weeks of pregnancy and are better to be taken after consulting with a doctor. This medication is considered highly effective and there is a 95% possibility that the pregnancy is terminated only 0.4% of serious complications have been observed and that too in women with some chronic issues. As per the records of the FDA 3.7 million women have taken the abortion tablet between 2000 to 2018 and 24 women have died after consuming mifepristone.

This method has gained quite a popularity and is growing at a steady pace. It has been accounted that 40% of all the abortions in the US are done using these pills. The Abortion rights advocate has stated that the pandemic showed us the importance of abortion pills and how it is safe to consume them at home rather than going to a clinic and having surgery. In a poll conducted among women, 95% said that they would rather take the pill than going through the surgery in a clinic. It is said that staying at home keeps them relaxed and also helps through the process.

Many states have just a single abortion clinic like West Virginia, South Dakota, Missouri, North Dakota, and Mississippi. In such states, the medication pills have huge sales as the women are not ready to travel very long distances for a clinic.

Many of the states are worried that medication abortion is becoming increasingly prevalent and have started many strict measures. In roughly 33 states these pills can be taken only after a physician’s note and in 17 states it has been said that the women need to take the pill at the clinic and need to stay there for few hours and only then can they go home.

When asked women how they feel about it half the population said they are fine with it as long as they need not have surgery, the other half said that they are scared and would want their right to privacy while taking this.

As of July 2020, the FDA eased the rules put on abortion pulls and said that they can be sent through the mail as well. The main argument is that government is concerned if the pills are used in a safe way or not thus, they are pushing for clinics to take the medication.

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