Places In The USA Where Wearing A Mask Is Mandatory

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 23, 2021

As of May 13, 2021, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had taken an important decision. All the citizens who were fully vaccinated could go out of their homes and meet others without wearing a mask. This was based on the condition that the other person must also be vaccinated.

Places In The USA Where Wearing A Mask Is Mandatory

Coming forward to July 27, 2021, CDC took a drastic U-turn and made it mandatory for a few states and territories of the United States of America (USA) to wear a mask. The mask-wearing rule is still applicable. A citizen who is found breaking the rule is fined by the local authorities.

Places In The USA Where Wearing A Mask Is Mandatory

However, the rule is not applicable in all the states and territories. The applicability of the mask-wearing rule is divided into three categories:

  1. States and territories where wearing a mask is mandatory;
  2. States and territories where wearing a mask is optional; and,
  3. States and territories where wearing a mask is mandatory only for citizens who have not been vaccinated.

The places that have made it mandatory for all its citizens to wear a mask are:

  1. District of Columbia

Under the governance of Mayor Muriel Bowser, the authorities made it mandatory for everyone above the age of 2 years to wear a mask. The rule is applicable in a situation that involves social gatherings. Additionally, maintaining a social distance of 6 feet is mandatory as well.

The only residents to be exempt from the rule are children who are younger than 2 years and residents who have severe medical conditions.

  1. Guam

The responsibility to implement the mask-wearing rule has been taken by The Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services. The department has specifically mentioned that a resident must wear a mask while meeting the other resident of a different household.

A warning has also been issued saying that a hefty penalty would be imposed if someone is found without a mask on their face.

  1. Hawaii

Governor David Ige has taken the charge to implement the mask-wearing rule. The rule has been aligned to the latest guidelines issued by CDC but with a small exception. The authorities, under the governance of David Ige, have exempted the children who are younger than 5 years.

People with severe medical conditions or breathing problems have also been exempt from following the rule.

  1. Louisiana

Governor John Bel Edwards has followed the same path as that of Governor David Ige. He, too, has exempted children younger than 5 years and people with breathing problems from wearing a mask.

He has mentioned a few places where the precaution must be taken with utmost care. These places are public transport, educational institutes, government buildings, and healthcare facilities.

  1. Nevada

The earlier guidelines were no different than the rest of the states and territories. Every vaccinated citizen could meet other vaccinated citizens without wearing a mask. The guidelines have now been reversed by Governor Steve Sisolak, He has said in his latest announcement that the state would follow the guidelines released by CDC.

The step, he added, was necessary to lower the transmission rate of COVID-19.

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  1. New Mexico

The rule to make mask-wearing mandatory has been implemented by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham as well. She has extended the rule to fitness centers of the state. The spread of CoronaVirus, if not controlled, would take the state back to the worst situation.

To ensure that the rule is followed by everyone in the state, a fine has been announced by the Governor.

  1. Oregon

The earlier order announced by Governor Kate Brown had asked the residents to not wear a mask if they were fully vaccinated. The exception to this announcement was a visit to a huge gathering.

Later this year, she reversed her order and asked everyone to wear a mask. The mask-wearing rule is now also applicable to indoor gatherings like in a commercial building.

  1. Puerto Rico

The territory has imposed the mask-wearing rule irrespective of the vaccination status of a resident. Whether a person is fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, or not vaccinated at all, it is mandatory for the person to wear a mask.

The mask-wearing rule is in complete alignment with the guidelines released by CDC in recent days.

  1. U.S Virgin Islands

The Commissioner of Health in the territory took charge of implementing the mask-wearing rule. The implementation was in complete accordance with the guidelines announced by CDC.

The rule is now applicable to places like workspaces, educational institutes, public transportation, and businesses. However, children below the age of 2 years and residents with severe health conditions are exempt from this rule.

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