Police Department’s Desperation For Positive News

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 25, 2021

What’s the case?

Everything that the Police do is commendable. Whether it is catching a robber, a killer, or saving someone’s life. Their hard work cannot be questioned for a second. All the efforts that they put in their put are top-notch.

Anyone who witnesses the Police lives in action or watches them on television begins to respect them more.  However, some of their actions have caught a few eyes in society.

Social media has been a hot topic of discussion since the time it has made a space in the mind of every person. The Police have been a part of it too. Their actions to save someone are being questioned by the majority of the people and by a few groups. This involves the Police Department saving someone from taking their lives.

Police Department’s Desperation For Positive News

Suicide is never the answer to any problem. Life has a lot to offer, provided it is given an appropriate amount of chance. When you come across a person who is attempting to end his or her life, then you call the Police. Police do exactly what they are supposed to do, save a life!

The Police decided to go the extra mile by sharing some details about the victim on social media. Their long-time practice of making a video and publishing it on their social media account is being questioned. The questions arise as the details shared by the Police relate to the way a victim attempts suicide. The details often include how many pills were consumed, which pill they had consumed, and from where they had acquired it.

Kevin Berthia reacted to one such video shared by the Police Department by saying that the details shared by them on social media might be triggering those who are vulnerable. The mental health advocate added a question asking as to how were the videos not causing any more trauma to any other person.

The Police Department responded to the remark by saying that there was no specific policy for sharing or not sharing such videos. It also admitted that they never asked for permission to record the video and make it public.

While the intention to connect with the citizens and share their efforts is amazing, the American Association of Suicidology has suggested that the department should consider hiding the names, faces, and methods followed by the victim while committing or attempting suicide.

The murder of George Floyd brought the ignition back on this topic. The body cam on one of the officers recorded the entire incident. The reason to make it public was to show how they do their job. It backfired after people tagged it as a murder and demanded the resignation of the police officer.

The way Police report gun violence, too, poses a reasonable threat. The details shared by the Police include which guns were used and from where they acquired them.

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What is being done?

Some steps have already been taken. The Oklahoma City Police published a video on social media but blurred the face of the victim. Even though it was published without the consent of the victim and his or her family, a small step was appreciated by everyone.

The Police Department of Appleton, Wisconsin, took this to another level. It teamed up with various experts and discussed how a video should be published. The Police department also asked the victim and his or her family if the video should be published.

To ensure that the video would leave an impact on the viewers, it was published as an eight-minute suicide intervention video. The video had a positive impact on the majority of the viewers.

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