Pope Francis Encourages People To Get Vaccinated

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 19, 2021

The latest vaccine supporter has emerged as Pope. Adding his opinion to the campaign, Pope Francis talked about overcoming skepticism surrounding vaccination and issued a public service announcement encouraging people that vaccines are effective, safe and an act of love.

The message in video form was released on Wednesday and was aimed at the audience worldwide, but it was mainly focused on Americans. The video featured archbishops and six cardinals from South America, Central and North America. The video was produced by the Vatican ad council. In an attempt to get more people vaccinated, this company has produced many pro-vaccine ads.

Pope Francis Encourages People To Get Vaccinated

We can see the Pope saying that it was an act of love if people get authorized vaccine shots by competent experts. He added that it was an act of love to do something that ensures the safety of the majority of people. Pope said that getting vaccinated is a way of promoting collective good and caring, especially for people who are vulnerable.

Pope Francis Encourages People To Get Vaccinated

He had focused at the beginning of the pandemic that people need to access the vaccines and especially the poor people. But vaccine drive came to an abrupt halt considering scepticism and religious conservatives. After this, the Vatican took an oath to make a successful effort to rid of this hesitancy and encourage vaccination.

The Vatican has announced that taking the vaccines is morally acceptable for Catholics, including the vaccines that contain cells from aborted fetuses.

The top officials of Beijing are emphasizing the growing requirement of strict preventive measures for next year’s Winter Olympics, although it is not yet clear if the audience will be allowed.

Beijing intends to organize games that are safe, simple and exciting. The city’s Communist Party chief, Cai Qi is also president of the organizing committee of Beijing. Cai emphasized during his tour of venues the need to prepare and mandate measures for the upcoming games. He said that all the places will be checked for virus transmission and measures for them will be adopted specifically.

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Cai added that measures must be taken to prevent the spread of the virus between groups of people but he did not comment whether spectators will be allowed on the stands.

In central Beijing, indoor events like skating, curling and ice hockey will be conducted at different venues, while outdoor events like skiing will be organized in Hebei province outside the city.

China is witnessing a sudden rise in cases, although here the pace is slower than in other countries. The country is said to maintain a zero-tolerance policy and work tirelessly to eradicate viruses with the help of lockdowns, vaccination, testing and restrictions.

The media of the state has sources saying that Beijing may authorize booster vaccine doses for Olympics staff to prevent the spread of the delta variant, against which the Chinese vaccines are not effective.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a strict lockdown after coronavirus cases are reported once again. The lockdown is said to continue for seven days for cities like Coromandel and Auckland, and at least three days for the country.

Arden said that officials are expecting the numbers to rise, especially since the infected people have reportedly attended schools, casinos, churches and hospitals. She has announced mask mandates in gas stations, supermarkets and pharmacies during the time of lockdown.

She announced that this spread is due to the delta variant, genome testing concluded. This outbreak originated in Sydney, however, it remains unclear how it reached New Zealand.

The most populous Australian state has recorded 633 new coronavirus cases. Three people have died during this period and the death toll has reached 60.

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