Pouring Tributes To The Legend Chadwick Boseman

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 31, 2020

Big names from all over the world from the world of politics, sports, and entertainment are paying tributes to the legendary American actor Chadwick Boseman. The actor died just at the age of 43.

Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther star was suffering from colon cancer, and the disease was diagnosed in 2016. But, Chadwick Boseman never spoke about the condition publicly.

Pouring Tributes To The Legend Chadwick Boseman

The family has many things to reveal, and they said: “Chadwick Boseman had filmed several of his recent movies when he was undergoing ‘plenty of surgeries.’”

Plenty of Big names are celebrating Boseman’s life. Among all those, former US President Barak Obama should also be counted. Barak Obama quoted about Boseman that “Chadwick Boseman was blessed.”

Mr. Obama tweeted, “The actor visited White House for work along with his kids, and this was when he was playing Jackie Robinson.” He referred to the film 42, and it was in 2013.

“Anyone could tell right away that Chadwick Boseman was a blessed actor. He was young, Black, and gifted; used all the powers for giving them heroes, and they could look up to; used everything even when he was in pain, what use of all his years.”

Another legend is Lewis Hamilton, racing driver willing to dedicate his pole position in the name of Chadwick Boseman at the Belgian Grand Prix. He also quoted about Boseman and Tweeted that “he was the inspiration for the whole generation of young black women and men. He provided all of them with true and superhero they can look up to. He should rest in power.”

Boseman started his career in acting initially on television roles. Black Panther was born in South Carolina.

In the future, Boseman started gaining popularity for playing real-life figures. One of the best examples is Boseman’s role play as baseball player Jackie Robinson. He also played singer James Brown in the year 2014, and the debut was Get on Up. But, among all Boseman was best remembered since he played superhero Black Panther. His play as superhero Black Panther has resided in every Boseman fan’s mind.

In the year 2018 blockbuster in the same name Boseman starred as Wakanda’s ruler. The movie was all about the fictional African nation. The ruling and Wakanda were all about an African Nation with the most advanced technology on Earth.

The legendary star Chadwick Boseman or the Black Panther dies of cancer.

Boseman was young, black, and he was gifted. He quoted that ‘What Black Panther means to black people like me.’

Black Panther was one of the box office hits, and it bought Boseman a much needed and critical acclaim. It even nominated as the best picture at the Oscars and specialty behind it is the first superhero film to grab nomination in Oscars.

Apart from Black Panther, Boseman is also famous for his roles in Marvel films Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Endgame.

All fellow Marvel stars pitched in for paying tribute to the Black Panther on Saturday.

The Hulk or Mark Ruffalo quoted that “tragedies amassing this year have only been made more profound” after Black Panther’s death.

The current Spiderman star, Tom Holland, has an opinion that Boseman is the superhero, and meantime, he is the role model for millions of people all over the world. The Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and Captain America star Chris Evans said that ‘they were heartbroken by Boseman’s death.’

More than a fictional character or a movie, Black Panther was always considered as a cultural milestone. The primary reason behind this was, it involved black director and significantly large black cast.

Boseman himself also quoted after the film that “Black Panther was able to change what it was meant to be young, black, and gifted.”

The Civil Right activist Martin Luther’s eldest son named Martin Luther King Jr, also praised Black Panther for his wide varieties of roles. He quoted that “brought history to life” about Boseman. He always depicted real black men and more than that ‘he was a superhero to many’ Luther King Jr added.

John Legend, an award-winning musician, quoted Boseman as “a bright light.” He added that Boseman was a bright light who always focused on carrying our ancestors along with him.

Ava DuVernay, the director behind many influential and popular films and documentaries like Selma, also paid tribute to Boseman.

Many other popular and famous names have lauded mainly for the strength Boseman portrayed in acting throughout his cancer treatment.

“He showed utmost greatness and courage, even between his chemotherapy and surgeries.” This is how he showed his dignity,” Oprah Winfrey, a TV star quoted about Boseman’s death and career.

Till recently, Boseman didn’t announce about his cancer treatment publicly. The actor had colon cancer, and it was diagnosed somewhere in 2016.

“The incredible man with immeasurable talent, who lived life regardless of his battles.” This is how Halle Berry, the actress described Boseman the Black Panther.

Marvel Studios created the Black Panther. How Marvel Studio paid tribute to Black Panther? The studio quoted that Boseman’s legacy should “live on forever.”

Among all the posts and tweets on the internet, there is one that gained limelight. Yes, the final post on his Twitter account. The post announced his death, is now the most liked among all the posts.

More than a popular figure and great actor, Boseman was a real hero or superhero for most of the youngsters. He created his career, and it became a role model for the majority of black people. Even though there are many famous and significant roles he played, among all Black Panther was most remembered by all his fans. Today, Black Panther is no more, and people all over the world are paying tribute to his death.

With the Black Panther’s death, there is a significant loss that occurred for the film industry since they lost a superhero. More than anything, his courage, and greatness, even at the cancer treatment time, will be remembered forever.

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