President Is In Stress To Make Vaccination More Effective

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 24, 2021

The aggressive spiking of the pandemic in the U.S has pressurized President Joe Biden currently to fulfil his goals to administer vaccine distributions.

The president already declared the current plight of the nation as wartime is undertaking. He also issued a set of executive orders that are related to fighting against the pandemic.

President Is In Stress To Make Vaccination More Effective

Since the country is at an uncontrollable pace in the spread of the coronavirus, Biden has to plan for even higher measures to fight against the pandemic. 


During his election campaign, Biden promised America that he will tackle the raging COVID-19 pandemic. To fulfil that pledge after becoming the president, Biden has to organize more effective plans. 

Experts said that his aim of 100 million doses to be distributed in the initial 100 days of his presidency would not make any change in its pace or bring any sufficient difference in the numbers of deaths and contractions. 

When Biden made this promise, the pace was lesser. It was more than enough to tackle the virus then as the numbers in hospitalizations and deaths were far lesser.

However, presently, Biden’s goal is actually far less than what is needed to control the pace of the pandemic, especially when the new strains that are more contagious have already made their entry in most of the states remarkably. 

The professor of molecular medicine at Scripps Research, Dr Eric Topol said that it is totally inadequate that only 50 million people will get vaccinated if the administration could implement 100 million doses of the vaccine, as both the major two currently approved vaccines require two shots.

He also said that the people are ignorant and not understanding the seriousness of the condition in the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that by March, the dominant strain of the virus in the U.S will be the more contagious variant which was first found in the UK.

The cases would be spiked up even higher and putting additional stress on hospitals. This will result in raising the stress to implement vaccination throughout the country. 

The officials of Biden’s administration underlined that they wouldn’t halt the vaccination process even if they will achieve the goal before the new presidency reaches its 100th day. Hence, the goal may be exceeded by the authority.

Even though, according to experts, the aim of the president still matters and proper attention should be given to distributing vaccine shots around the clock.

The coordinator of Biden’s COVID-19 response, Jeff Zients said that what Biden’s administration has inherited is so much worse than they expected. 

Though the vaccination campaign had to face certain issues during the initial phase, it is hopeful that it has currently accelerated so far.

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