Former President Unleashed New Threat to American Democracy

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 2, 2021

Donald Trump has already said that he had no remorse for this deadly violence due to the lies about the ‘stolen election’ in the uprising in January against the US Congress.

Former President Unleashed New Threat to American Democracy

It was quite clear when the former President had put his Republican Party with a notice on this Sunday through which he intends to put his hold on the grassroots. He has done so before and will be trying to suppress the voting system for the presidential election in 2024, in which he will again be standing as the Presidential candidate. In the first public remarks after leaving his much-loved White House. He has also lashed out against the  Supreme Court justices as they have failed to intervene, which led to him getting thrown out in the election, which he had clearly lost to President Joe Biden.

Former President Unleashed New Threat to American Democracy

Trump dangerously said that the judges must be ashamed of them for failing to protect the country. The Supreme Court didn’t have any courage or guts for doing anything about it, Trump further added. He fumed at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, in an authoritarian speech while referring to the fraud claims that were completely fabricated that were thrown out by the multiple judges.

He was last seen after leaving Washington in utter disgrace; the former President’s self wandering through these old political fights has emphasized that he is obsessed with revenge. This was done at a time when the main attention of the nation must not be on him winning the election but concentrating on more immediate concerns like Covid-19.

The distribution of another Covid-19 vaccine after Pfizer and Moderna, a vaccine which is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, is now stirring a string of new hopes that a version of the normality might be restored in summer. Much depends on how this will progress in the Senate; the House passage of a $1.9 trillion Covid rescue plan by President Joe Biden early Saturday might accelerate the pandemic end. The ex-President completely ignored this in his few final weeks in the office.

The former commander in chief is now locked in the false charge and damaging alternative this saddening reality. Millions of his followers had subscribed and thought that he was really the victim of a big election fraud effort by the other party.

The last time former President Trump had publicly used such kind of bad language was when he spewed on Sunday.  This was when the then Congress had certified that Biden’s election win and his mob had completely invaded the US Capitol. And he has been calling since the execution of the then-Vice President Mike Pence, who was refusing to break these laws for keeping Trump in power.

His recent comments had suggested that this fight for safeguarding free elections and US democratic institutions didn’t end when he had to leave the White House. Still, he will be continuing his fake struggles in the run-up to the next presidential election in 2021.

When the local and state Republicans tried to seek this narrow access in the polls, former President Trump had tried his best to force electoral officials in Georgia to steal the elections for him. He had also called on the GOP to outlaw mail-in and early voting to ensure the so-called “honest elections.” Further, he had racially motivated various insinuations about the many irregularities in Philadelphia and Detroit. He had demanded various citizen tests for ballot access. Trump said the voting should take place on Election Day only. Further, he had tried to bar independent judges from adjudicating any election disputes.

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