Prime Minister Boris Johnson Again Goes To Self-Quarantine

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 19, 2020

The second wave of coronavirus appears to be doing more damage than the first wave. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was earlier affected with Covid 19, has again gone into self-isolation as he came into contact with a Covid positive person.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Again Goes To Self-Quarantine

Johnson tweeted that he had to go into self-isolation for two weeks after he came into contact with someone infected with Covid 19. He added that even though it does not matter as he has antibodies, he still wants to go into self-isolation as this is the protocol for every other person in the parliament.

The political situation in Britain is not at its best as two of the advisers Lee Cain, and Dominic Cummings, resigned recently after several controversies. The two advisers were amongst the most disliked members in the inner circle of the PM, and there were allegations that they had been working against the interest of Boris Johnson in the recent months.

Even as Boris Johnson is struggling hard to contain the second wave of Covid 19, he had to deal with the controversies that took center stage in British political circles. This got prime coverage across the country, and it turned out to be a bigger problem for the PM than the current pandemic. To add to his problems, Johnson is now forced to self isolate himself as he came into contact with a Covid positive person.

The trade deal between the UK and the European Union is going through a rough patch as the transition period is all set to end this year. This could lead to a situation where the flow of goods and other essentials will be abruptly stopped between the two regions. However, some negotiations were in place, and many people hoped that something would be done before the deadline.

With Boris Johnson going into self-isolation, this has wasted precious two weeks for the negotiations, and many people are now worried about a shortage of essential supplies across the country. Even as entire Europe struggles to deal with the second wave of the pandemic that is surging ahead with record numbers, such events have further disturbed the atmosphere in the European region.

The final meeting for the year is scheduled for December 10, and many people are hoping for some positive outcome. Even though there are few stumbling blocks, given the current situation of pandemic across Europe, both parties may take a softer stand on various issues.

The most important point of discussion is the level playing field that needs to be provided along with access to the single market across the European Union. This has been a matter of concern for the UK as it feels that this could act against the interest of the British economy in the long run. They do not want to compromise on this aspect and make any agreements with the EU that can affect the growth of British enterprise in the long run.

Fishing rights is yet another important point of discussion between the leaders, along with the involvement of EU law in the arbitration of any deal. Experts feel that getting through all these hurdles is not an easy task for the leaders.

However, political leaders may bridge the gaps in the deal and make some negotiations in the larger interest of the European economy. With Johnson not available for key meetings, it can become a difficult task for the other leaders to strike a deal with the EU leaders. Even though Johnson can reach out to the leaders over the phone, some deals may not get through easily as virtual meetings are not a good option to strike such big deals.

Political analysts feel that Johnson has an opportunity to prove his leadership after the recent controversies and put the UK as the top priority through the meetings with EU leaders. It would be interesting to see if the EU would seek an extension into the meetings or things can get finalized in this week’s meeting.

Most analysts are criticizing Johnson for the way he handled the pandemic, and they believe that the influence of Cummings on the decisions taken by Johnson was obvious. The pandemic response of the UK has been criticized as the lockdowns were not organized properly, and people did not take the pandemic seriously enough in the first few weeks.

The situation with Europe is so bad that the entire festival season may get canceled if the number of cases does not come down in the next few weeks. Most regions of Europe are reporting a record number of cases as the cold season is fast approaching and hospitals are running out of ICU beds. In many countries, intensive care units are overcrowded, and they are functioning with less staff.

The ICU beds are almost full in most countries, and many countries will be out of critical care beds if the coronavirus cases continue to surge in the same manner for the next few weeks. Considering this situation, most of the continent has gone for the second round of lockdown and imposed many restrictions on travel within the European region.

With the PM himself getting affected with Covid twice in six months, things are not looking bright in the European region. Most people feel that the authorities were not strict with a lockdown in the first wave of covid 19, and this resulted in the surge in recent weeks.

Medical experts are of the opinion that as the cold season has forced more people indoors, the chances of catching the virus has also increased manifolds. Most people are partying in a closed environment due to the winter and this means that social distancing is not followed properly during such events. Apart from that, the chances of the virus surviving in the cold season is more than the hot season. This is also another reason for the recent spike in cases. Considering the situation, most people in the UK feel that they may not be able to celebrate Christmas outside of the home this year due to the pandemic.

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