PTSD Is Quiet Reliever For Many Cases After Sexual Assaults

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 26, 2021

A new study finds that “PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is faced by most of the sexually assaulted survivors after an immediate attack” but this will decrease by the increase of months.

Researchers say that “this PTSD is calculated for people who are failing to recover after the experience of terrific events which may be a disaster and sexual assaults”. 

PTSD Is Quiet Reliever For Many Cases After Sexual Assaults

The conditions of PTSD patients will trigger the memories with an accompany of trauma happened with intense emotions and other physical reactions. This process can also be lasted up to months and years.

PTSD Is Quiet Reliever For Many Cases After Sexual Assaults

The research was conducted with the help of a special model created by renowned experts in the field. It was conducted with the help of participants of different ages and from different areas as well as those who have faced the attack with different intensities. In many cases, the attack was done by someone close such as an aid or even a friend.

Investigators say that this disorder includes symptoms such as; nightmares, flashbacks, higher reactive from stimuli, avoiding situations that bring backs the trauma incidents, depression moods, and anxiety. 

Researchers say that “there are different treatments with psychotherapy and other medication which is used to treat and manage the symptoms of PTSD”.

The research team had included some incidents which may trigger the DPST follows:

  • Physical and sexual assaults
  • Severe accidents
  • Experience of trauma incidents and remote exposure
  • Domestic abuse since childhood
  • Losing child’s during maternal births
  • Serious illness who needs intensive cares

The term DPST is very common in people which can be treated within 3 months with a strong medical diagnosis by medical professionals. This treatment doesn’t require screening and other lab tests.

The lead author Emily Dworkin stated that “this is the main takeaway with a majority percentage in recovery rates based in the post-traumatic stress which is happened at initial three months” 

Emily Dworkin is the assistant professor of this study, adds that “we are still hoping for the best to provide clinicians and survivors with a sense of expectancy which is conveyed to get some hope” 

In a recent school news release, she stated that “PTSD is involved with reliving of traumatic events during nightmares within intrusive thoughts and flashbacks” on another note the symptoms are included to avoid the reminded events on the spread of negative emotions and positive emotions. 

The self-blame and personal feeling at the edge are kept in the people with DPST, researchers explained some factors that “81 percent of people are noted as survivors with significant symptoms of PTSD after the 1-week assault”.

Later after a month, the very first point is found that PTSD is diagnoseable where 75 percent of people are certified as sexual assault survivors who are having disorders while 54 percent of patients are reported after 3 months and 41 percent of patients after a year.

The findings had shown that among 22 studies, 2,100 sexual assault survivors are listed overtime after the soon attack. These are resulted based on the past researches with PTSD harshly shown in sexual assault survivors. They also prepared a timeline for a speedy recovery. 

According to the researchers, there are proven interventions that include prolonged nature for exposure therapies with a cognitive process because this can help many people to recover from PTSD sexual assaults and traumas.

Dworkin reported that “PTSD symptoms are interfaced with various functions which are quite important for seeking the help” without a mention of traumatic event occurred. 

Researchers are testing various methods for a speedy recovery for the recent sexual assault survivors. 

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