Liver Health Formula Reviews: Does This PureHealth Research’s Liver Health Formula Really Work?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : April 27, 2023

Does this liver health formula supplement really work? Is this liver support formula really effective?

Hello readers, I’m Dr Ricardo Alvarez, a health & nutrition expert here at Powdersville Post, and this is my Liver Health Formula review. For those who haven’t heard about it already, Liver Health Formula is a recently released liver support supplement developed by PureHealth Research. It has been receiving much hype on the internet.

Now, I’ve seen and reviewed my fair share of health supplements to know better than to give in to the hype. My regular readers will already know that I am interested in taking down supplements that make bold claims but can’t back them up. And that’s precisely the reason why I decided to review this supplement today.

So does the Liver Health Formula work? Or is it just another worthless liver supplement bolstered with marketing hype? Let’s find out!

Liver Health Formula Reviews – Our Findings

If you are sceptical, let me assure you that a few good supplements do turn up, offer good results, and are worth the investment. Oweli Liver Detox, for example, is a truly working and highly effective liver support supplement.

Unfortunately, it is also true that the vast majority of the released liver-support supplements are worthless. That’s why I’ll be using Oweli Liver Detox as a benchmark while reviewing PureHealth Research’s Liver Health Formula.

According to the team of scientists that developed the Liver Health Formula, the reason they claim the liver supplement will work well for people is the unique list of nutrients blended into the supplement.

But what’s so unique in this formula? How does it enhance liver function? How is it different from other liver support supplements? Could it cause any side effects? I’m sure these are some of the questions in your mind right now. So without wasting any more of your time, let me get straight into it.

Liver Health Formula Reviews - Is PureHealth Research's Liver Health Formula Safe to Use and Effective?
Liver Health Formula
Product NameLiver Health Formula
ManufacturerPureHealth Research
Overall Rating⭐⭐☆☆☆☆ 2/5
Main BenefitsLiver cleanse process, clean fatty liver, enhance liver function
IngredientsTurmeric, Beet Root, Ginger, dandelion root, and other antioxidants
DosageTake 2 capsules daily
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Liver Health Formula?

According to the manufacturer, Liver Health Formula is a 100% natural dietary supplement that supports the overall health of the liver by triggering effective bile production. The formula was developed by scientists of the relatively new health and nutrition brand, PureHealth Research.

The supplement comes in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules. Each bottle of the supplement contains a 30-day supply of 60 pills and is advertised as non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan-friendly. So it is meant for anyone who wants to provide added support for the liver, say the manufacturers.

About The Manufacturer of the Liver Health Formula

Liver Health Formula is a nutritional supplement manufactured by PureHealth Research, a relatively new health and nutrition brand. Glancing through the official website of the brand, I must say it looks quite impressive. They have clearly spent some money to make it look professional.

As per the official website, the mission of the company is to improve its customers’ health through superior quality therapeutic nutraceuticals based on scientifically proven effective remedies. They say that the team at PureHealth Research developed the Liver Health Formula through a 5-Stage Research and Testing process.

According to them, the first step of the process is the creation of the formula by a team of formulators that include medical doctors, chemists, researchers, nutritionists, and fitness experts from all over the world. The second step is scientific testing of all the ingredients. The third step is sourcing the ingredients from trusted and reliable dealers. After the ingredients are acquired, they undergo a process of microbiological testing for potency and purity. Finally, the product’s facility undergoes an inspection to ensure Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

It all sounds rosy, but there are no specifics mentioned here. The truth lies in the actual formula and the scientific evidence that supports it. So let’s skip to that.

Liver Health Formula Ingredients 

Here are some of the major ingredients used in PureHealth Research’s Liver Health Formula as stated on the official website:

  • Artichoke: they are loaded with nutrients and have properties to lower bad LDL cholesterol and enhance the levels of good HDL cholesterol. It is great to improve liver health, and cardiovascular functioning and also have anti-cancer effects. 
  • Ginger: Ginger is known to be an ancient remedy to many health issues including nausea, sore muscles, arthritis, fluctuated blood sugar levels, and even cancer
  • Beet Root: It is a good source of different nutrients and antioxidants and has an array of properties like regulating blood sugar levels, detoxifying liver enzymes, and slowing the progress of dementia.
  • Milk thistle: Silybum marianum or milk thistle is a well-known remedy to liver conditions, milk thistle extract has several additional properties to evade high cholesterol levels, diabetes, heartburn, depression, etc.
Milk thistle
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is rich in curcumin and has been used to combat fight free radicals via antioxidants & various conditions. It can also help to provide a better detox and let you get rid of harmful cytokines as well contained in various turmeric supplements.

Other ingredients used in PureHealth Research’s Liver Health Formula include dandelion root(which helps fight free radicals), alfalfa, L-cysteine & other antioxidants. Now, although all the ingredients are natural, L-cysteine could be a cause for concern for some. That’s because most L-cysteine is obtained industrially by hydrolysis of animal materials, such as poultry feathers or hog hair.

Degussa introduced a route from substituted thiazolines. Synthetically produced L-cysteine, compliant with Jewish kosher and Muslim halal laws, is also available. The synthetic route involves fermentation using a mutant of E. coli. However, this process is extremely expensive, so it would be not easy to assume which type is used unless the manufacturers disclose such information.

How Does Liver Health Formula Work? 

Here’s how the Liver Health Formula works according to the PureHealth Research official website:

✅ By promoting a better detox for fatty liver regulating liver cleanse process.

✅ To have the right control over age-related inflammation

✅ Maintaining healthy and proper functioning of your digestive system, avoiding the harmful domino effect in your liver, blood sugar levels, and regulating oxidative stress. 

✅ Triggering off an effective bile production as the right amount of the bile is necessary to break down fat to use it for energy, as well as the fat-soluble vitamins.

Clearly, the manufacturer is beating around the bush without really telling you anything about how the supplement works. There is no information about the research done and the clinical tests conducted nor the approach undertaken for tackling any problem. Instead, we get a generalized restatement of what we already know.

A thorough breakdown of the working of a supplement would first identify a problem, plan an approach to tackle that problem, and let us know how each selected ingredient can support this approach and help tackle the problem.

Liver Health Formula Infographics

Scientific Evidence for Liver Health Formula

It is surprising that the scientific evidence provided by PureHealth Research to back up its Liver Health Formula is next to nil. There is only a passing reference to a report on Milk Thistle issued for some “National Institute of Health” on the product page of the official website. There are no reference links provided either so that we can verify the same, which is quite shocking because most supplements at least provide a few.

Even the page titled “scientific research” redirects to the products page. There is no mention of any scientific research on curing fatty liver disease to justify the use of any of the remaining ingredients. Instead, we get the tagline “If one mighty ingredient can help a woman whose liver had stopped working, imagine what the 8 powerhouse-packed nutrients of LIVER HEALTH could do for you!”.

Benefits Claimed

You can expect some benefits because the Liver Health supplement does include a few good natural ingredients contained in turmeric supplements, although, not necessarily for the health of your liver. But that too depends on the potency and purity of these ingredients. Since the data of the clinical trials have not been disclosed, rather than assuming the benefits of the supplement, I’ll just state the positives the natural ingredients can provide.

  • ✅ Recharged energy levels improving liver markers and oxidative stress
  • ✅ An active belly fat removal resulting in weight loss
  • ✅ Enhanced digestive tract
  • ✅ Optimal health markers 
  • ✅ Improved thinking abilities and better focus
  • ✅ Increases blood flow and regulates blood sugar level
  • ✅ Anti-aging benefits

Pros and cons of Liver Health Formula


  • Liver Health Formula is a 100% natural formula.
  • It is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • You can only purchase Liver Health Formula from Purehealth Research’s official website. It’s not available to purchase from any retail stores or other eCommerce websites.
  • PureHealth Research is a relatively new brand that is yet to earn expert trust.
  • Liver Health Formula could contain allergens and might not be safe for everyone.
  • Liver Health Formula is expensive compared to similar supplements in the market.
  • Certain ingredients might result in liver damage

Liver Health Formula Side Effects

If all the ingredients used in Liver Health supplements are natural as claimed, it should be safe, provided they are used in precise quantities. However, overdosage could cause side effects. It is also necessary that the ingredients used are of good quality and are in their purest form. Since there is no specific information provided by the manufacturer regarding the ingredients used to cure fatty liver disease, L-cysteine in particular, you have no option but to trust that the manufacturer will not put innocent lives at risk.

Nevertheless, it is ideal to seek medical advice prior to using it. And these include pregnant or lactating women and people who are allergic to certain medications or have certain other underlying conditions that could result in liver damage. 

Liver Health Formula Side Effects

The recommended Liver Health Formula supplement dosage is 2 capsules per day, ideally in the morning with a glass of water. The manufacturers also suggest that it is best to take Liver Health Formula capsules a little while before taking breakfast. 

Recommended Dosage of this Liver Health Supplement

Liver Health Formula Results And Its Longevity

According to the manufacturer, PureHealth Research, Liver Health Formula will start showing results within a few days of regular use. However, I find this highly unlikely since natural supplements do take a while to start showing visible effects. As any supplement needs to be consumed on a regular basis for a significant time longer, there is no exception here too.

The official website suggests that if you can use the supplement for about 3 months, it would be enough for you to see a drastic change in many of the conditions that are associated with your liver health. However, this remains to be seen as we have not been provided with any clinical trial results. We’ll get a clearer picture as more customers use the supplement for the suggested period. Nonetheless, I highly doubt that these claims can be backed up. 

Is Liver Health Formula A Legit Supplement?

If you ask me, there are two important factors that decide the legitimacy of a supplement. The first is research and development. And when I say research and development, I mean everything from scientific knowledge, composition, quality, and potency of ingredients used, and where it is manufactured. If a supplement is to be considered legitimate, it should be backed by strong scientific evidence, made using the purest form of ingredients sourced from trusted sources, composed in precise measures, and manufactured in an FDA-approved facility.

The second and most important factor is, of course, results. Unless a liver support supplement is able to restore the customer’s liver health you can’t call it a legitimate supplement. Unfortunately, PureHealth Research’s Liver Support Formula is lacking in both areas.

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Is Liver Health Formula a magic pill?

No, PureHealth Research’s Liver Health Formula is definitely not a magical pill. Usually, the word “magical pill” is used by manufacturers to highlight their false claims and to hide the side effects of their products. Liver Health Formula doesn’t perform like a magical pill and doesn’t deliver results within minutes or seconds.

Liver Health Formula Customer Reviews & Complaints on Amazon

There are just a few Liver Health Formula customer reviews available on the PureHealth Research website, and most of these seem manufactured, which in itself says a lot. Although there aren’t any complaints posted on the website, the last time I checked, these few reviews did receive more than a few hundred downvotes, which suggests that quite a few customers aren’t satisfied with the product

Even the available customer reviews do not suggest anything worthwhile about the Liver Health Formula. At the moment all the hype is from manufactured marketing reviews. And since it hasn’t been a long time since the supplement has been released, we’ll have to wait a while longer to see some genuine reviews about this liver disease cure supplement. In fact, based on the reactions on popular health forums, I’m going to predict that the trend will soon go downwards.

Liver Health Formula Pricing & Availability

The Liver Health Formula price package available on the official website includes: 

At first glance itself, it is evident that the supplement is on the expensive side, despite the fact that it is a newly released supplement. In comparison, a trusted and working supplement like Oweli Liver Detox is available today for less than half the price. It is clear that the manufacturers are trying to cash in on the initial hype.

Since the supplement is available only on the official website, the manufacturers should logically be able to provide the supplement at lower rates, considering there aren’t any middlemen or additional logistics involved.

Liver Health Formula Review – Conclusion:

After a thorough investigation from my side on liver health formula review, it is quite clear that Liver Health Formula is another one on the “waste-of-money” list. The formula is a derivative of other liver support supplements that had been previously released on the market, albeit unsuccessfully. Well, at least the packaging is new! The old catchphrase “old wine in a new bottle” rings true here.

Sure, the manufacturer could argue that it is risk-free, as it comes with a money-back guarantee. But why would you want to waste your time and money on something that doesn’t offer the expected results? Besides, the brand PureHealth Research and its website are quite new, and it would be naive of customers to trust them prematurely. It isn’t risk-free unless and until the manufacturer keeps its promise of a money-back guarantee.

I’d say it is better to choose a trusted alternative like the Oweli Liver Detox dietary supplement that is effective and has been purchased by thousands of customers with positive results. It is also manufactured by a popular health and nutrition brand Oweli. So you won’t have to worry that you’ll be unnecessarily burning a hole in your pocket.

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez was a former Medical professor and faculty at Harvard Medical school. After resigning, now he is practicing as a general physician who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of general health problems and disorders. He earned his MS and PhD from Columbia University. Ricardo Alvarez completed his undergraduate education from an accredited medical college under the University of London and completed his training from AMCAS and is a doctor with earned board certification.

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