The Race Against Coronavirus- Alarming La Creates Concern.

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 16, 2021

Lately, LA has been experiencing a surge in the new Covid-19 cases by topping for the fifth complete day. Even though hospitalizations are at the low, every infected individual at the hospital, admitted to a county hospital, is seen unvaccinated, not at all. This is a high rate where the number of patients at the hospitals are not vaccinated at all, and it has started to concern the state. Up to date, we have not had a single patient admitted to a hospital who has been seen completely vaccinated by either J&J, Pfizer, or Moderna.

The Race Against Coronavirus- Alarming La Creates Concern.

Each patient admitted to the hospital for Covid is not fully vaccinated, as per the county health services director, Dr. Christina Ghaly. The department of Health Services is known to be running four hospitals that include those affiliated with the University of Southern California and California-Los Angeles, throughout the region, along with 19 health care centers. 

The Race Against Coronavirus- Alarming La Creates Concern.

There are known to be about 400 patients hospitalized due to Covid-19 as per the local health care officials in Los Angeles County. Mental health is a discussion, especially due to the pandemic that has taken health care workers on a toll.

As per a frustrated county supervisor, Sheila Kuehl stressed health care workers toiling 14, 15, and 16 hours per day to help and take care of them when they do not want to take care of themselves. She apologized to sound angry, but it did strike her as selfish. She says we cannot depend on herd immunity if the herd does not get their vaccine shots. 

Ghaly called the hospitalizations completely preventable, and she agreed to it as well. She says that we are at a preventable illness at this point and are at a preventable infection.

The health care workers shall only continue doing all that they can to support the lives and health of the patients that come in. It has been entirely a challenging year as we see the suffering of these patients and their families and what they are going through; she concludes by saying it is still preventable at the current stage that we are in. 

While we are still below the high cases belt, early this year, the increase in positive cases in LA is driving the positivity rate by 3% in the state. Just before reopening the state’s economy six weeks ago, California’s positivity reached its real low point of the pandemic, which is 0.7%. 

Talking about the vaccination rates, more than 60% of California citizens are known to be completely vaccinated against the coronavirus. The percentage is seen and known to be slightly higher in LA County, but the daily vaccination rates have been gradually declining over the past few months as per the County Health Department’s data information. 

Just like Los Angeles, Yolo County, which is in the greater Sacramento area, is witnessing a spike in Covid-19 positive cases and is calling for all the residents of the Yolo County, whether vaccinated or not, to mandatorily wear the face mask while in public as a preventive measure. 

The health officer of Yolo County, Dr. Aimee Sisson, mentioned that she is erring on the side of caution to slow down the spread of the highly infectious variant out there, the Delta Variant. Putting on a mask indoors where you can not be sure that everybody around you is fully vaccinated, even though they are masked or unmasked, is just a simple and effective step towards protection against the Coronavirus and its other strains. 

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