The Racial Disparities Among Patients With Breast Cancer

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 5, 2021

A new study finds that in recent year’s racial disparities for breast cancer is diminished whereas; black women with breast cancer are having twice the death rates compared to white women.

According to the new study, in Florida, breast cancer tracking is trending cases between the years 1990 and 2015. Totes, deaths on breast cancer diseases are declined for the black, white, and Hispanic women. Based on the improvements there is a greater lift out of minority women.

The Racial Disparities Among Patients With Breast Cancer

On the reliable facts for overtime, the results were narrowed on racial disparities between white, black, and Hispanic women during recent years. In unfortunate cases, a study has found the death rates on black women have remained high almost twice times than the regular period.

The Racial Disparities Among Patients With Breast Cancer

Robert Hines said that “there is a lot of work remained rather the progress should be celebrated which are made. Being a black person should not be the reason for breast cancer risks said by him. On this note, he raised a question that “why are black women facing the problems on the prognosis of breast cancer?”

Robert Hines is an associate professor at Central Florida University, says that study has raised some key points for black women that they are tended for diagnosis for later stages but they are fewer cases compared to white women on surgery attempts, hormone therapies, and radiations.

These factors are linked with the lack of insurance, aggressiveness due to cancer, and poverty in black people. This study is facing difficulties to explain the disparity of death rates between white and black women.

Dr. Ahmed Jemal said that the racial gap between the deaths due to breast cancer was recognized with addressing of efforts. These efforts are explained for improving the times. For instance, the program conducted by the national breast and cancer care center which was supported by CDC is contributed according to the increase in the usage of mammography mainly in black women. This analysis was reported according to the disparities of cancer.

In late 2000, Ahmed added that congress had passed a law for assuring the revenue for women who are at low income for their Medicaid programs. But this didn’t help the black women as lack of insurance is the last longing drawback for them said Jemel. This gap has remained because black women are considered uninsured for their standards in comparison to white women.

Researchers reported that white women’s death rates are dropped from 21 percent in the early years of 1990 and 14 percent in the years 2010 and 2015, while black women are figured as 36 percent to 26 percent on dropping down.

Hines said that more research is required to figure out the reasons that black women are still facing the problems of breast cancer with higher death rates. On this note, women are tended to face obstacles after the circumstances for screening. They are included in delaying the treatments and sticking to them continuously for longer periods. This theory was likely relatable for some factors which are linked to disparities in the new study which is running out in many other states.

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