Rate Of Vaccination At The Highest, But Mandates Required, Say Experts

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 12, 2021

America is preparing for the new school season. According to experts, the country has no time to waste. It has to increase its already high rate of vaccination. The daily average of those receiving their first dose of vaccines is 486,332. This is a 10% rise from that of the previous week.

The increasing numbers appear promising. But America has to raise against the clock at the backdrop of the Delta variant. This is a matter of utmost importance in a scenario that the vaccines need 42 days to start working. Even with this increase, the percentage of vaccination is just above 50%. And more than 31% of the eligible population still remains unvaccinated.

Rate Of Vaccination At The Highest, But Mandates Required

A large portion of the unvaccinated population being unvaccinated is definitely cause for concern. The daily average of new infections in the country is now more than 116,600. This is the highest in a time span of six months. The number of hospitalizations has increased correspondingly. There are 68000 coronavirus patients are hospitalized every day in recent weeks.

Rate Of Vaccination At The Highest, But Mandates Required, Say Experts

Vaccines available for use in the US are capable of blocking the Delta variant. The trouble is that not enough people are vaccinated here. Thus America has to raise the numbers as vaccination is the only way to survive this pandemic.

Vaccines are more powerful than experts had ever imagined. 99% of the fully vaccinated people never had a breakthrough infection that ended up on a hospital bed. But the numbers are still too low for the country to hope for any constructive change. Thus it has to complement a vaccination requirement with a mask mandate. The highly contagious Delta variant is stressing this fact again and again.

Health professionals, in the meantime, are calling for vaccine mandates for the adolescents planning to return to school. Parents are worried about an outbreak when they are preparing students to return to classrooms.

School districts are given the authority to issue mask mandates. But the governor of Florida is resisting such changes. He even threatens to reduce the salaries of those who violate his order. He prohibits those trying to issue mask mandates.

One among the super indents, however, says that she is going to violate the ban. The Governor, according to her, the governor has not yet understood the seriousness of the situation.

Certain experts are also calling for a mask mandate among adolescents when returning to school. According to them, without mask mandates, schools are going to be super-spreaders. They cite the current surge of Coronavirus hospitalizations in certain parts of the country among children. The country wants all its adolescents to get vaccinated at the earliest.

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In certain States, a large majority of eligible children are not yet vaccinated. Increasing these numbers is the only way to prevent the virus from spreading. And it is a must if the country wants to have a successful school season. We have to make sure that every single eligible adolescent is vaccinated.

Leaders here, however, are divided in this regard. Health officials warn that masking and getting vaccinated is the only way to prevent or minimize the possibility of an outbreak in schools. While certain leaders are taking action accordingly, some others reject such calls.

Washington State, on Monday, jumped into the bandwagon of those who require vaccination for State employees. This covers more than 60000 State employees, 40000 health professionals, and thousands of Government contractors.

In Texas, local leaders are campaigning against vaccine requirements or mask mandates. Hospitals there, in the meantime, are filled with Coronavirus patients. Till Monday, the number of hospitalizations in the State is more than 9000. Only 396 ICU beds are available across the State.

Health Professionals still repeat in one accord, get vaccinated, if possible, this moment.

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