New Research Related To Healthy Oral And Heart Health

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : March 4, 2022

With the increasing number of heart attacks and other heart-related issues people now sight it as a legitimate issue now. Heart problems are very common now. Some of them have medical options to cure them and some of them don’t. 

However, a new group of scientists had conducted a study that has proved that women with a particular type of bacteria in the mouth are more exposed to having high blood pressure. This somehow explains the aim of the study, it aims to prove that oral health and heart health are somehow interconnected. 

New Research Related To Healthy Oral And Heart Health

One of the researchers Michael LaMonte of the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, was one of the senior researchers the explained the details of the study. 

He said that this experiment does not prove the direct link between the microbes and oral hygiene to the increased blood pressure. It has its own level of chances 

Here are the details about the experiment:-

Firstly, the study was conducted by Michael LaMonte and his team. The study had 1215 common American women. These women were between the ages of  53 and 81. 

Secondly, these women had various oral checks done and some plaque samples were also taken by them to determine the microbes present in them. 

Thirdly, out of all those women 735 women have been affected by high blood pressure. Mainly there were 15 microbes found which were somehow related to causing the heart-related issues in humans. The probability of having a heart issue was severely noticeable  when the number of microbes was higher. 

However, the microbes not only cause problems but also help in some bodily processes. A particular type of microbe has the properties of producing Nitric Oxide in the body. Nitric acid or NO helps the body by providing relaxation to the blood vessels and other parts of the Nervous system. Only a single type of bacteria was spotted helping in this process. 

Other researchers and scientists have also put their thoughts together on this research. One of those researchers is  Dr. Willie Lawrence (chairperson of the American Heart Association’s National Hypertension Control Initiative Advisory Committee), he indicated that although there was no direct connection between both of them the indirect connection can be very well channelized and used as a marker for denoting the disease. 

Lawrence was not involved in the study itself but he noted that the researchers took into account various factors which affect the blood pressure in human beings. The factors included body weight, education level, diet, exercise, and smoking habits which affect the health conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol.

With various advancements in studies and other research, many of them suggest that oral health has a very important relation with heart health. Previous research had brought forward this topic and neither the researchers are discovering the various possibilities and the extent to which these are possible. 

Some researchers also brought forward that people with high blood pressure tend to have a different microbiome in their mouth compared to people with normal blood pressure. Microbiome means the different types of bacteria found in abundance and other microbes that live in the body. The microbes mainly stay in the gut and stomach area. However, the mouth has its own large microbial existence. Microbes are sometimes really useful for the body’s functioning but some of them can harm the body too. 

We conclude by saying that, the research is definitely moving forward in the right direction. We can expect that with the discovery of these possibilities of the diseases we can find a solution for the disease itself. 

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