The United States Is Easing on Travel Restrictions

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 10, 2021

Following the lifting of travel restrictions imposed over two years ago throughout much of the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were eager to see family and friends return to the United States on Monday. The travel ban was put into effect in early 2020, excluding non-US citizens from 33 nations, including China, India, and most of Europe. Overland travel to and from Mexico and Canada was likewise restricted.

United States Is getting Free From Travel Restrictions

Limits that were made possible by the widespread use of vaccinations despite the rise in infectious illnesses in many countries were eliminated by the United States much later than many other countries. These restrictions were critical to the return of tourism across the globe in recent years. Demand that had been building for years was finally released on Monday, resulting in a massive spike in reservations, requiring just official proof of vaccination and a recent negative viral test.

A Number Of Travel Restrictions Have Been Eased To The United States

“It’s an exhilarating adventure. First and foremost, I was meant to leave soon before COVID took place, but due to the lengthy delay, the author says he is “very excited” to be able to travel finally.” Alice Keane, her route to Miami to see her sister, took to the runway at Heathrow Airport in London to voice her grievances.

The simultaneous departure of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic planes from Heathrow’s parallel runways just before 09:00 GMT was part of a publicity exercise to highlight the importance of the transatlantic market to the UK aviation industry. As Thanksgiving and Christmas get near, Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss says the firm anticipates the number of passengers on the planes to climb even more in the coming weeks. A “major turning point” for a sector that the pandemic had crippled, Weiss said, adding that planes had been “filling up nicely” in what he characterized as “a fantastic day of celebration.”

More than half a million travelers from outside the United States were expected to arrive in the United States on Monday, with United Airlines alone expecting to see a 50 percent increase in the number of international visitors. Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Queues (DAL.N), has warned customers to anticipate long lines at airport check-in booths while flying. “Things are going to become a bit sloppy at first. As Bastian noted, “I can guarantee you that there will be lines, regretfully,” he added that “we’ll get everything cleaned up as quickly as possible.”

There was nothing that could dampen the emotions of those who were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see loved ones again. At Heathrow Airport, jugglers costumed in the colors of the American flag greeted travelers. “I feel we’re going to start bawling,” Bindiya Patel, who was traveling to New York City to meet her nephew for the first time, said. In January 2020, President Donald Trump imposed air travel restrictions on Chinese people for the first time, limiting the number of non-U.S. citizens who might enter the country. After then, the limits were extended to dozens of more nations, with no indication of when or how they would be removed.

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