A Resumption To The Regular Routine For Mall Santas This Year

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 16, 2021

This year, malls and companies are bringing back tree-lighting rituals, carolers, and a less socially distant Santa, bringing back a nostalgic sense to the festive season. There were many families whose annual the outbreak ruined Christmas habit of photographing with Santa Claus. Other retail businesses, such as those who typically host in-person Santa visits, have decided to skip the event altogether in certain situations. It’s no secret that some people have taken to modifying the image of Santa Claus, such as putting him behind plexiglass or using a computer screen to zoom upon him.

A Resumption To The Regular Routine For Mall Santas This Year

However, that was in 2020. In the run-up to Christmas, businesses and mall owners are eager to present customers with a more familiar holiday shopping experience that they can enjoy. Initially, they’ll be bringing Santa Claus to the children’s homes in person.

A Resumption To The Regular Routine For Mall Santas This Year


Perhaps no other Santa Claus is as well-known as Macy’s Santa Claus, who has made in-person appearances since 1861, save for 2017. It’s that time of year again: Macy’s (M) is reviving its annual Santaland celebrations in Chicago, San Francisco, and its flagship store in New York’s Herald Square, among others. On the other hand, Macy’s is making this year’s shopping experience a completely uninvolved and socially disengaged one for its consumers. For indoor masking, the business said it would conform to the rules set down by each city or town.

According to Cherry Hill Programs, the top organizer of Christmas Santa and photographic events at malls throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, more than 672 Santa events will be hosted this year. The biggest mall operator in the United States, Simon Properties, will host these events.

This year, convincing the Elf to remain on your shelf proved to be more challenging than in previous years.

Santas at Cherry Hill Programs are required to be vaccinated unless they are excluded due to medical or religious reasons, according to Chris Landtroop, vice president of marketing. Landtroop has said that the company’s employees at the events would conform to local mask rules.


According to the business, one hundred seventeen of Brookfield Properties’ 130 malls will include Santa this year, which is a part of Brookfield Asset Management and the nation’s second-biggest mall operator. In 23 of those malls, he’ll be making his way inside on Friday.

Santa visits are returning to more malls this year to celebrate the holiday season. As a senior vice president of business development at Brookfield Properties, Katie Kurtz says that the Santa visits will return to a more traditional experience in which families will be able to sit on Santa’s knee for a chat and photos. Malls offer an enchanting atmosphere during the holidays, and we want to return there once again, she remarked. According to Kurtz, those families that choose to maintain a social distance will be able to do so. At each mall location, the company is adhering to local restrictions on the usage

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