Review Shows Long Covid’s Impact On The Cardiovascular System

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 22, 2022

A recent review of some major studies has shown that long covid have a major impact on the cardiovascular system. The study was done on a large scale, and it tracked the complete health status of the patient right from the stage of Covid infection to the long-term effects.

Review Shows Long Covid’s Impact On The Cardiovascular System

While the initial effects of inflammation and other related problems were common, it was observed that mental health also took a toll in the long run when the infection continued for several months. Not only that, but long covid also led to fatigue and other symptoms in many patients.

Review Shows Long Covid’s Impact On The Cardiovascular System

Researchers also felt that current methods to treat long Covid are not good enough, and we still lack a complete understanding of the virus and its effects on the human body. Apart from that, the problems of the people who did not get proper treatment in the initial stages got magnified when the issue turned to long Covid. In this regard, the lower-income group continues to be most affected even in terms of long Covid problems, and this needs to be corrected to avoid more patients at hospitals.

According to experts, a large-scale humanitarian effort needs to be put into improving the healthcare system and improving the rate of vaccination across the country. Not only that, this needs to be done at a global level to control the pandemic in the long run. The problems associated with long Covid has once again highlighted the importance of having better treatment options for Covid infection.

To provide the best treatment for covid infection, both the long-term and short-term impact must be clearly understood. While the short-term impact of covid infection is obvious in most cases, doctors are still not clear about the long-term implications of Covid infection. As this affects individuals differently, it is not possible to point out the root causes for long Covid, and the health status of each patient has to be monitored carefully for many months after the infection.

The research also showed that Covid could infect many other organs apart from the lungs in the long run. While the initial point of impact is the lungs, the infection can cause inflammation and other issues even in the heart and brain of many patients.

This is usually seen in patients who suffer from covid symptoms for a long duration. When such symptoms persist for many months, the heart can also get affected in many cases. The study has highlighted the effects of long covid on the cardiovascular system.

Apart from impacting the overall health of the patient, long covid can also impact the social and economic life of the individual. Many patients suffering from long covid cannot regularly work due to fatigue and mental stress. This leads to economic issues in many cases, and the person has less opportunity for social activities while suffering from such an infection.

In this regard, the cost of treating long covid can become very high, and many individuals from the lower-income group are not in a position to bear the expenses. The health system needs to take care of such individuals in the early stages of infection.

More research is needed in this direction to understand the impact of long covid on patients. The impact of long covid also depends on the existing health problems of the patient in many ways. People who are obese and suffering from diabetes are more prone to developing complications during a covid infection. The same trend continues with long covid, and such people are at higher risk of developing complications due to weak immune systems.

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