Robbie Coltrane’s Death- Emma Watson Pays Tribute To Him In Her Post

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 18, 2022

The most beloved star of the Harry Potter fraternity, Robbie Coltrane, is no longer alive. It was on this Friday that he died at the age of 72. This incident of his death has brought a shocking wave in the entire Hollywood industry. The sudden demise of this star deeply saddened all the stars and actors. Emma Watson was an integral part of the cast of Harry Potter. In addition to being a co-star, she was very close to Robbie. 

Her recent Instagram story revealed the pain she has been suffering from after his death. She paid a heartfelt tribute to the iconic star via her story. She posted a very Candid picture featuring her and Robbie. This picture was taken last year during the Harry Potter reunion party. 

In the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson was recognized for playing the brilliant role of a witch.

On the other hand, Robbie played the role of a giant wizard. In addition to Harry Potter, the two had worked together on many projects. They shared a beautiful Bond. 

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Robbie was never a co-star to Emma. He had always acted as a good friend and a fellow member who guided Emma Watson to the best of his capacity. He was a learned personality who gave life lessons to Emma Watson for facing different challenges in life. He guided her like anything. Even for Emma Watson, Robbie was very caring and compassionate. He treated Emma Watson like his younger daughter. 

Robbie Coltrane's Death Emma Watson Pays Tribute To Him In Her Post

This relationship has been built over 15 years. Even during the shooting, they both had so many memories and moments. They are worth reminiscing for. Emma Watson respected his talent to a great extent. She believed that he was a phenomenal actor and, with the help of his brilliance, he could fill any space. 


Robbie Coltrane was a kind-hearted person. She admires him a lot. Her Instagram caption revealed their relationship was very sweet and warm. Not that he is not more, she remembers all the memories and the time she spent with him at one or the other point in her life. She remembers the nickname that Robbie used to give her. She also remembers all the jokes at which they both enjoyed hearty laughter. 

Emma Watson said a warm hug from Robbie was all you needed if you had a bad day. Robbie was recognized for his positivity and optimism. Apart from being a senior cast member, he was the most loving personality. Everybody, including the spot boy and the production team, used to shower him with love. He earned name and fame not only in acting but also in terms of being a fabulous human being. 

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What do other actors say about him? 

The demise of this actor equally shook other crew members of Harry Potter. They paid tribute and honored him with the help of social media condolences. The famous names in this list include Tom, James, Matthew, David, and Warwick. 

Like Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe was also very close to this lovable actor. He was heartbroken to hear about his death. According to all the team members, he was a beautiful soul who had given them so many reasons to smile in one way or another. He will always be alive in the memory and hearts of his fans, friends, and family. 


Death is one of the inevitable truths of life. What is left behind is only memory. Emma Watson still, at times, believes that Robbie is still there. Robbie had earned a huge name for Himself by acting in projects like Harry Potter, the Comic Script, etc. All of them made the audience fall in love with their amazing acting skills.

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