SafetyCam Reviews: Does This Portable Body Clip-On Camera Really Help You To Stay Protected?

John Furrier | Last Updated : September 11, 2023

SafetyCam is a portable, discrete, and easy-to-operate clip-on body camera that could help in the recording of voice, video, and pictures, helping you stay safe and protected.

It seems to also find usefulness in discouraging attackers and authorities from wrongfully accusing you. Let’s dig into this SafetyCam review to know further information about the camera.

SafetyCam Reviews: A Top Personal Body Camera To Protect Yourself With Only A Single Button Press!

According to the current scenarios of things playing out in the global community, riots, unlawful accusations, common theft, and burglary seem to be on the rise. These scenarios tend to play out more often than not in people’s homes, offices, and even on the way to work while driving, and so on.

Being that they can’t be prevented or eradicated from human society, the need to stay protected against them is crucial. With this device clipped on your body, your protection seems guaranteed irrespective of what turmoil could be happening around you.

A cursory look at this device tends to make it appear genuine. However, to be on the safe side of its genuineness, it is imperative to have a SafetyCam review.

This will include overviews of the SafetyCam camera on introductory and comprehensive fronts, its advantages, benefits, features, and customers’ opinions of the gadget. A verdict will be drawn in the end to assert its authenticity which will be succeeded by frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

SafetyCam Review
Device NameSafetyCam
CategoryAdvanced safety camera
Weight200 gms
HD Resolution1080P HD
IR Night Vision6X zoom IR lenses
Features▪ 1080P HD Resolution
▪ 24/7 Recording
▪ Two-Way Audio
▪ Motion Detection
▪ Micro SD Slot
▪ 130 Wide Angle
▪ Weatherproof & Durable
▪ Discrete & Lightweight
▪ IR Night Vision
Benefits▪ Personal Safety 
▪ Law Enforcement Agency
▪ User-friendly
Price$69.99 for one camera
Assurance30 days
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official websiteClick Here

What Is SafetyCam?

SafetyCam seems to be attracting high demands on the market right now as the auto motion detection recording camera appears to be efficient in carrying out its protection and safety functions owing to its quality features and specifications.

It is designed to alleviate insecurities both on societal and global scales. SafetyCam safety body camera helps you get equipped to protect yourself and your rights in any situation. Some of its prominent features could include a micro SD slot, two-way audio, HD resolution, durability, 24/7 recording, and more.

It is claimed to be firm enough so much so that it can be clipped on easily and could even attach to your car dashboard or your office desk. SafetyCam body camera is claimed to be suitable for roadside safety, first responders, law enforcement, security personnel, outdoor activities as well and workplace surveillance.

It is meant to be worn around the neck, clipped on bikes, clipped to your pockets, and clipped to your backpacks. An amplitude of customer reviews about the safety device tends to portray the potency of the device. In the next session of this analysis, you will be shown the SafetyCam features that seem to make the safetyCam advanced camera outstanding. Read on for more about the SafetyCam clip-on camera.

Key Features Of The SafetyCam Safety Tool

 🔰Auto Motion Detection

When anything moves in the view of this recording gadget, it is found to automatically start recording. 

🔰HD Quality Recording

With every detail visible to its exposure, the device seems apt to capture photographs and videos using up to 1080 HD resolution recording. 

🔰IR Night Vision 

It leverages its 6X zoom IR lenses for clear recording in the dark for nightly safety. 

🔰Weatherproof And Durable

SafetyCam camera seems to work in rugged and inclement weather conditions being that it is impervious to water and shock-proof. This attribute gives it away to its durability. 

🔰Discrete and Lightweight 

Weighing 200 grams, the clip-on body camera finds it easy to attach to clothes and car parts for spy recording.

🔰Long Battery Life

With its 560mAh battery, the personal safety body camera can offer up to 4 hours of voice recording and about 3 hours of video recording.

These highlighted SafetyCam features are responsible for the device’s ability to seamlessly carry out its protection functions in ways that are beneficial to users.  

SafetyCam Advantages And Benefits 

Understanding the positive aspects of this SafetyCam clip-on safety camera could go a long way in helping you make an informed decision about the product. In this section of the SafetyCam review, we can discuss the advantages of using the IR night vision camera. 

Advantages  Of SafetyCam Personal Body Camera

  1. The safety body camera is durable. 
  1. SafetyCam battery has a long lifespan. 
  1. It is portable to go around with owing to its lightweight features. 
  1. SafetyCam advanced device is discrete and able to automatically record when anything becomes visible to it. 
  1. It is waterproof and harsh weatherproof. 
  1. Can record even in the dark 
  1. SafetyCam personal camera is affordable and easy to maintain.
  1. It is firm enough to clip on cars, backpacks, and clothes without falling off. 
  1. Helps to save electrical costs as it does not need electricity to function. 
  1. It works both in transit and in a fixed position. 
SafetyCam Advantages

Benefits Of Using SafetyCam Personal Camera 

  • Protection 

Considering the scenarios of things in the present day, such a device as the body safety cam is needed to protect yourself against unforeseen unfortunate events or occurrences like accidents, and altercations, among others. 

  • Personal Safety 

SafetyCam Auto Motion Detecting Recording Camera seems to serve as a surveillance tool to promote personal safety and prevent threats. You need to stay safe having the target on. 

  • Law Enforcement Agency 

This body tends to find this device useful as it helps in recording clients’ encounters with the body. On the other hand, clients could also have it affixed to their bodies while having encounters with the law enforcement agency as a way of recording their discussions that could be used as a trial for evidence. 

  • Suspicious Activities

With SafetyCam HD quality safety camera attached to your body, you could freely flow with an untrusted conversation with seemingly stalkers and not get worried knowing full well you have evidence against them. 

  • IR Night Vision 

Serving as an IR night vision owing to its 6X zoom IL lenses, you can record in the dark without encountering any issues. Useful for night safety.

SafetyCam Safety Body Camera Technical Facts 

  • 1080P HD Resolution

This 1080P HD resolution is apt to give good recording and smooth video quality without you having to pay heavily for it. 

  • Two-way Audio

With this specification, it becomes easy to communicate on both ends of the spectrum. 

  • Micro SD Slot

It enables you to record fascinating videos or take high-quality pictures. 

  • 130 Wide Angle

This specification helps in covering a wider range of surroundings when recording your activities. 

  • Motion Detection 

The attachment of motion sensors in this body camera helps it offer convenience and could even save cost. With motion detection, you can use the gadget both indoors and outdoors. 

  • Infrared 

6X Infrared lenses enable the IR night vision camera to see clearly at night while carrying out its recordings and capturing. 

  • Long Battery Span 

560mAh Battery offers 7 hours of voice recording and 3 hours of video recording. 

  • Light Weight 

Being 200 in weight, the camera can easily stay on clothes, cars, and pockets. 

How Does The SafetyCam Work?

The SafetyCam auto motion detection recording camera works by harnessing its features such as its quality, motion detection, IR night vision, durability, weight, and battery span to detect and automatically record any sound that comes its way and is visible to it.

SafetyCam device is made portable, discrete, and easy to operate for easy tracking of voice, videos, and pictures for ultimate protection and safety benefits. 

Why Do I Need This SafetyCam?

SafetyCam HD quality safety camera seems compulsorily needed by everyone as social vices such as riots, common theft, burglary, and even unlawful accusations tend to be on the rise.

People appear to be getting more afraid walking in the street, engaging in heated arguments with others or even conversing with so-called friends as there could be a disruption of violence or misunderstanding that could result in unwholesome use of words or unnecessary accusations.

Hence the production of this SafetyCam protection gadget is a means of alleviating such menacing trends. With this safety gadget at your disposal, you may no longer have to live each day apprehensive of knowing full well that your protection is guaranteed.

You can defend your rights anytime by standing up to anyone who seems to talk you down or accuse you wrongly with the hopes of going scot-free. In essence, safety Cam seems to improve the quality of your life and overall well-being. No more fear of being burgled or harmed by thieves, stalkers, or anyone else. 

SafetyCam Customer Reviews: Are They Satisfied With The Product?

Customers of SafetyCam personal body camera such as law enforcement officials, first responders, and outdoor enthusiasts tend to be happy using them. A lot of testimonials abound on the SafetyCam official website with amazing experiences with the body camera. Here are SafetyCam customer reviews about the body camera. 

“As an NYPD officer, I use this daily on duty. One-touch capture, superb voice & video clarity.”

Steven C.

“In the current scenario, this product is a must-have for every woman for protection & safety.”


“My call center job needs me to come back late at night. I always have the Safety Cam clipped to my purse. It just makes me feel so much safer. The battery life is really good too.”

– Lisa Mason

“I use this as my dashcam and it helped me get out of a wrongful speeding ticket when a cop tried to be aggressive. The footage that automatically got recorded works as solid proof! In today’s uncertain times, I recommend having this handy.”

– JL

As a part of a human rights group, I like to be prepared as things can get out of hand very quickly when we have demonstrations. This device ensures that I can record all that goes on. Apart from working as evidence, it also keeps wrong-doers at pay as they know they are being recorded.”

– Nathan Gomez

I got this for my mother who lives alone and she always has it on her when going out. It makes her feel much safer. I did my research before buying this and this product had all the top features and was much cheaper than the other products out there.”

– Clint K.

SafetyCam Availability And Cost Details

The SafetyCam Safety body Camera is only available on the official website and cannot be found on retail or e-commerce stores like Amazon and Shopify.

Be careful of online fraudsters who front as though they were the original owners of this product by running a website similar to the original website and even selling a similar product at cheaper rates and less quality.  Be wise with your money and stick to the original website only. They don’t mean you are good.

Each product ordered comes with some discounts. Here are the SafetyCam prices available for Safety Cram. 

Buy 1 Camera : 1 Camera = $50.86 ($69.99)+ $9.95 S&H

Buy 1 Get 1 Combo Special: 2 Camera (1 Combo Special) + Free Shipping = $129.98 ($139.99)

Buy 1 get the 2nd 50% Off : 1 Camera ( 2nd 50% Off) + Free Shipping = $75.01($104.99)

Does SafetyCam Offer A Refund Policy?

If after using your camera you are not pleased with what you see, the manufacturer guarantees a 30–day refund policy. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the product you can claim return it in 30 days and claim a full refund.

SafetyCam Reviews: Final Words 

Following a comprehensive SafetyCam review carried out, the product is found to be made to solve social vices bedeviling the global space by providing protection benefits through voice plus video recording and picture capturing as the occasion demands.

Designed to be worn on pockets, backpacks, and cars, the SafetyCam body camera aims to target law enforcement agencies, stalkers, personal security, outdoor activities, and roadside safety among others. A multitude of SafetyCam customer reviews attest to the authenticity of the device. With everything taken into perspective, this gadget seems to be effective and deliver on its benefits. You could give it a try. 

SafetyCam FAQs 

1. Why should I install the SafetyCams advanced camera in my home?

In today’s times, it is essential that you have a security camera in your establishments. This is to ensure safety while you are away from your home for long periods of vacation or somewhere outside. Even at night cameras are really essential in case your home is subjected to threats such as thefts or home invasions.

2. Do the SafetyCam safety gadget record all the time?

Ordinary security cameras do record all the time. But Safety Cam has motion sensors in it which means recording will happen when it senses a motion in its field of coverage. Thus it conserves unwanted usage.

3. Do I need permission to install safetyCams personal safety body camera?

In normal cases, if the coverage of the camera is within your own property, it is your right to install cameras. But if the coverage extends to your neighbor’s properties or public areas, you may need permission from concerned parties. 

4. How far can a SafetyCam safety body camera be seen?

Safety Cam has an effective range of vision and recording capabilities which is up to 70 feet.

5. Does the SafetyCam clip-on camera have to be switched on and off?

No. Safety Cam is designed such that it has automatic motion sensors installed in it and hence whenever there is a motion happening in its range of vision, it will automatically start recording.

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