Armed Protesters’ March Across U.S; Security Measures Are Higher Before Biden’s Inauguration

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 18, 2021

While the country is at the wedge of Biden’s inauguration, Trump supporters have been shown up to various state capitol buildings in the country on Sunday.

The protesters marched to the state capitol buildings in Ohio, Texas, Oregon, and Michigan with weapons, and this made the cities and states to take security measures soon after an FBI bulletin warned that the demonstrations could be triggered as soon as Sunday and armed protesters are expected to take place at the U.S Capitol and state capitol buildings nationwide. 

Armed Protesters’ March Across U.S; Security Measures Are Higher Before Biden’s Inauguration

In both Michigan and Ohio, the crowd was larger, and some of them were wearing attire or affiliating themselves with the boogaloo movement. 

Security Measures Are Higher Before Biden’s Inauguration

Though the mob was armed, no ensued violence has been reported from anywhere. 

Presently, the sudden appearance of the Trump protesters put the entire nation into a threat as they already caused chaos in the U.S Capitol a few weeks ago. During which, they clashed with the law enforcement and stunned the joint session of Congressmen resulting in the death of five people. 

Reports say that eventually after the memo came from the FBI, troops of National Guards have been deployed in the capitals of around 19 states.

According to one of the officials, a poster that publicizes the events said that democracy refuses to be silenced wh]en it is destroyed. The poster also referred to an armed march on Capitol Hill and all the state capitals.

On Sunday, the U.S capital was not at all under any threat from the protesters and the security measures are stronger as the state is under precautions to overcome the possible violence before the inauguration of Biden as the new president of the country.

Currently, barricades are placed on every path towards the Capitol building to block the protesters if they attempt to take over it. 

To block the entrance to the National Mall, 10 feet and higher metal fences have been placed everywhere. To add to the security, National Guard and the Secret Service members are also present on the site.

Robert Contee, the Washington D.C. Police Chief said that for the inauguration, 20,000 members of the National Guard members are to be deployed to D.C.

As the Capital is under the threat of violence beforehand the new president’s inauguration, the mayor of the city, Murial Bowser asked all the citizens not to come to the capital to attend the inauguration event. He warned about the threat of another community spread of the pandemic as well.

Meanwhile, the U.S authority said that ahead of the president’s inauguration -which would be held on Wednesday- all the federal prisons across the country would be under lockdown. The U.S Bureau of Prisons said that it is a preventive measure and didn’t prompt any other reasons. 

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