Seychelles To Be Opened For All Tourists

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 6, 2021

Seychelles, an archipelago of multiple islands, attracts travellers worldwide for its beaches, coral reefs, rare animals and nature reserves. If one wants to visit exotic islands then Seychelles is among the best available options. 

This Indian Ocean island destination is now open for tourists. Seychelles announced that it is going to welcome travellers all around the globe starting March 25. They even removed the restriction of vaccination status. Whether one is vaccinated against the widespread COVID-19 or not, the island is now open to all. 

Seychelles To Be Opened For All Tourists

However, the island has not lifted ban on the travelers from South Africa for the time being. The point is still under review.

Seychelles To Be Opened For All Tourists

Sylvestre Radegonde, the minister of foreign affairs and tourism, announced in a press conference about the decision of opening up the tourism sector for International tourists all around the globe.

The announcement was made in a Seychelles Tourism Board Conference room soon after a meeting with the Tourism task force committee. 

He announced that visitors to the island need to present a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for the virus. The report should be dated 72 hours prior to the departure to the island.

He added that travellers need not quarantine after entering the Seychelles islands. Also, there will be no restrictions on the tourist’s movement in Seychelles. The requirement of a minimum stay in Seychelles establishments is also put to an end.

While many restrictions and travel requirements are lifted, the travelers still need to adhere to the basic minimal guidelines released by WHO. Tourists should still follow the mask mandate, social distancing, and proper sanitization that include regular hand sanitization or washing hands frequently. 

Visitors to Seychelles will be given access to all communal area within hotel premises. This includes swimming pools, bars, kid’s club and spas.

Minister Radegonde said that the decision to lift of and relax many of the restrictions and advisories on the tourists was taken after much deliberation.

Now that the country has an aggressive vaccination plan in place that has been successful so far, the island is now set to receive travellers from all around the globe. There are no hard restrictions and requirements, accept that they need to produce a 72 hours old PCR test.

He added that the country is now in a condition to start opening its borders for tourists and travelers to revive the economy. He said that the decision taken and the announcement made was fully recommended by their travel partners and also it is supported by the health experts in the country. They relaxed many restrictions only after a thorough consultation with the health authorities.

CEO of BRANDit, Lubaina Sheerazi, said that Seychelles is a dynamic country and they are working towards encouraging travellers and traders to plan their next visit to Seychelles.

He said people around the globe are now eager to visit exotic places. They are willing to come out of the cocoon they have created due to the pandemic. Seychelles could be one of the best choices to travel. 

The island has removed many restrictions. Movement of tourists is free and no quarantine time is required upon arrival to Seychelles. This will encourage visitors to come to the beautiful island. 

The country’s sole economy depends upon the tourism industry. After a successful campaign and vaccination drive, the island is trying to revive the economical state. By taking the move, the country has initiating a major move to boost the travel industry and recover the economy.

Now when the weather is also improving, and people are showing confidence in stepping out back into the world, Seychelles has taken a grand and bold step to allow travellers around the globe to visit this beautiful island. 

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