You Should Watch Out For Signs Of Asthma In Your Children.

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 24, 2022

Asthma is a common respiratory disease that is more common than you think. In the US, more than 6 million children suffer from this chronic illness, and it is not an easy task to diagnose this condition in children. As the symptoms vary by a huge margin among children, it becomes difficult to identify the disease properly in the early stages. Experts say that parents should always pay attention to the health of children and observe the symptoms carefully.

You Should Watch Out For Signs Of Asthma In Your Children.

A proper medical examination can help the doctors to identify the disease. However, many tests are done only for children above the age of 7, as children below that are not suitable for such tests. During the spirometry test, the child has to breathe into the device to analyze the blockages in the airways. Similarly, the amount of nitric oxide in the breath also determines the level of inflammation in the lungs.

You Should Watch Out For Signs Of Asthma In Your Children.

Several imaging tests can also be done when the regular tests are not suitable for children. Parents can also consider buying several monitors that can be used at home when they have children who have asthma. In this way, the situation can be regularly monitored before it becomes too serious.

Yet another important aspect you need to understand about asthma is that some other conditions can look like asthma. For this reason, you need to be aware of the symptoms. You can talk to your doctor if your child coughs regularly without any other visible infections or allergies. Your doctor will examine the child in a detailed manner and determine if the child is suffering from asthma.

Several other conditions like acid reflux, allergies, and infections can aggravate the symptoms of asthma in children. You need to be very careful about these issues when your child suffers from asthma. As soon as you notice any problems, make sure to visit a doctor so that you can get the treatment before things go out of hand.

Some of the symptoms of asthma include regular coughing, and you need to be watchful about this issue in your children. If your child is coughing regularly, keep a tab of when it appears the most and how long it lasts in your children. This is an important analysis, and it will help the doctors to assess the situation in the proper manner.

Similarly, wheezing is also a big problem, and it is often related to asthma. You can easily spot this when your children are playing as the breathing gets heavy, and it even makes a lot of noise. You can put your hand on the chest region to observe wheezing symptoms in children. In some cases, this may appear only at a certain period during the night. You need to track the timings and inform the doctor about these symptoms in this situation. This will help the doctors to provide suitable treatment in the long run.

If you have a family history of this condition, it is better to inform the doctor about such issues when you visit for a consultation. This is a crucial aspect in diagnosing asthma in children, as many children suffer from these problems due to genetic disorders. You should also clearly mention any sort of supplements you might be using to treat the conditions. In this way, the doctors will suggest appropriate medication that does not cause problems with supplement interaction.

When you watch out carefully for these symptoms in your children, it becomes easy to identify asthma in the early stages. Remember that proper treatment can provide good relief from the symptoms.

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