Studies Show That Data Science Can Be Proven To Detect Early Autism

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 8, 2021

The autism spectrum is a disorder among many people in the world and most are detected earlier with the use of modern data science.

This disorder can be detected as early as six to twelve months old. There is research conducted in the American Academy of Pediatrics and they prescribe all children to be concealed between twelve and eighteen months of age. But it takes time to show the signs of autism and mostly, children were diagnosed after the age of 4. With this growing age, the treatment can become expensive and difficult.

Studies Show That Data Science Can Be Proven To Detect Early Autism

This autism spectrum disorder is detected within one in 40 children. Duke University has recently is diagnosed many cases and they said that the number is about 3,000 ASD patients per year. To provide the patients with better care and treatment, the researchers are trying to implement data science in the treatment and detection of such cases. It can make early detection and can give a chance to cure it without much difficulty. 

Studies Show That Data Science Can Be Proven To Detect Early Autism

The research was lead by Geraldine Dawson, the William Cleland Distinguished Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Director of the Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development, and Dr. Matthew Engelhard, a Conners Fellow in Digital Health in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences. They showed that the betterments that are being done to improve ASD detection can actually help in early diagnosis. The symptoms will also be clear to see and understand.

This is clear from the research that if one can detect ASD as soon as possible, they can go for easier and less expensive treatments for it. It was noted that children with ASD mostly face hurdles in learning and material environments.

Although ASD is different from person to person, the common notations are to feel difficult to navigate the social world which becomes a big issue later on. Most of the people who are treated exert to recognize facial emotions, preserve eye contact, and acquire strong peer relations. But ASD has shown many positive outcomes among children.

These are often very unique skills and talents. Getting proper treatment is very important for people struggling with ASD. It is to ensure better learning accommodations. It will help their surrounding environment to grow better.

Another research team with Guillermo Sapiro, a James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering has developed a device that can detect syndromes. That device is basically an application. Within that application, various videos are shown to the child on an iPad or iPhone.

The researchers observed the reactions of the children through various stimuli. As the team is working on early detection, These early symptoms can be seen as early as six months of age are. These symptoms include not paying as enough attention to people, overcome affective expression, early motor differences, and failure to orient to name. This early detection with data science can be really helpful and children can be treated as early as possible.

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