You May Encounter A Silent Heart Attack Without Any Prior Symptoms

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 26, 2021

A lady 36-year-old, Tasha Benjamin, took a routine medical check-up. After reading her cardiogram reports, the doctor asked if she had a cardiac arrest. She didn’t pay much attention to his statement and smiled, thinking he was humorous. Realizing she didn’t take him seriously, he spoke again, “The reports show you survived a silent cardiac arrest.”

You May Encounter A Silent Heart Attack Without Any Prior Symptoms

Tasha didn’t remember enduring the significant signs of a coronary failure – feeling frail, chest pain, breath shortage feeling frail, woozy or weak, or uneasiness in the neck, jaw, or back. The tests showed no such signs as to when she had a heart attack. However, the doctors said, Tasha might have endured a silent cardiac arrest or an attack that doesn’t show any signs or unknown signs. She was also suffering from prehypertension.

You May Encounter A Silent Heart Attack Without Any Prior Symptoms

According to a study conducted by American Heart Association, hypertension was more common in Black individuals, around fifty-eight percent of Black people compared to forty-seven percent of the whole U.S. population; Tasha was more likely to get healthy again.

Tasha did not wish to live on medications for her whole life or serve as one more case study, and therefore, she did everything she could to ensure this didn’t happen. She started eating nutritious food, disciplined her sugar intake, drank 3-4 liters of water every day, started exercising, took her blood pressure medicines punctually, and kept track of her health reports.

Within 6 months, there was so much improvement in her health, due to which the doctor advised her to stop taking her medicines. After going through few medical tests, the reports showed her heart health had improved a lot. 7 years later, there was nothing she could probably have a risk of. The doctor declared her entirely healthy.

Doctors were still guessing the probable reasons for Tasha’s silent heart attack or why she encountered it despite having no symptoms. They believed it might have happened because of stress. Tasha’s husband, Mr. Benjamin, served in the United States Marine.

Her husband’s job obliged him to leave Tasha along with his four children, which left Tasha in worry to take care of her children. Her husband living far away added to her stress. Well, now that Mr. Benjamin has retired from his duty and he’s able to give all his time to his family.

Tasha has now become way more attentive towards her body and her health, each time she feels even a little bit weird or ill; she straightaway calls her doctor to inquire if this or that is normal. In some cases, when she’s unable to interact with her doctor, she notes those questions so that she can ask them later.

She believes many women might have faced weird changes in their bodies while they’re busy doing chores or taking care of their family, but they choose to ignore these signs, which later results in serious complications. 

She encourages such women to look after themselves, takes care of their health before looking after others. She says, “This isn’t being selfish.” She considers this to be more active and responsible towards oneself and believes strongly in theory: “The best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself first.” 

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