Skin Care For A Healthy Life – The American Academy Of Dermatology

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 29, 2021

People nowadays have been taking extra care of their skin to look good and for a better life as well. In today`s time, skin care is not only limited to actors or models but also for the common person as well. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) stated that many times when patients come to visit a dermatologist then they discover some underlying issues as well within themselves. If these issues are detected at an early stage they can be easily diagnosed and cured without them becoming life-threatening. 

Skin Care For A Healthy Life – The American Academy Of Dermatology

Such an early detection case was with Richard Danzer of Florida who had gone to visit the dermatologist for a painful cyst on his back. Upon the doctor’s diagnosis, it was found that the cyst was actually lung cancer. Since it was in its early stage and early detection made Richard have a speedy recovery as well without it becoming life-threatening. 

Skin Care For A Healthy Life

Another such issue was for Yvonne Basil from Texas. The patient noticed a small mole on her toe which was not present earlier. Upon checking with the dermatologist who took a biopsy it was found that this was a melanoma. She is now working on getting cancer removed and since it was detected well in advance chemotherapy won’t be needed and she will get better with just medicines.

Many people think that visiting a dermatologist will be a waste of their time and money however, that is not the case. Many times the doctors help you identify the disease well before they become visible and it has been observed that if an issue is detected well in advance then they can be treated much more effectively. If people are worried about the money they can work on their skin at their home as well and if they spot anything irregular only then visit a dermatologist. Many types of skin cancer can be easily detected while a person goes for a regular check-up.

 Doctors suggest that if you are doing an in-house inspection then the patients must first look and their hands and legs to see if there is any spot or a bump. As hands and legs are most exposed these areas are likely to show some issues of skin cancer or any other type of disease. People should take special care of their toes as many people who have diabetes if they see an infection in their toes it would be really bad for them. Many times the infection spreads quite fast in diabetic patients as their immune system is not as strong as a normal person.

Skin cancer is increasing on a daily basis and in US alone there are 9500 people diagnosed with skin cancer every day. Doctors suggest I you have many bruises or scars on the body then bacteria or viruses can enter your body through these openings. One must make sure that they take good care of their hands and legs by applying moisturizing and other lotions if they are dry. 

Nowadays many health care products are available which helps a person keep their skin safe and protected when they head outside. One of the other major issues that people face today is that they do not apply sunscreen when they step out of their house. The sunlight from the sun is now more powerful and more dangerous than it was a few years ago.

Sunburn can lead to skin cancer very quickly and other infections can also attack this area which could be life-threatening if identified quickly or treated in time.

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